Monday, May 19, 2014

How Time Has Flown!

May 19, 2014  2:19 am EDT.  How Time Has Flown 

Can you believe how fast the time has gone by?! 

I am so happy that we have 2 more people entering into the water of baptism this weekend!

Zaira and Aimee Ramos will be baptized by their dad this Saturday at 6!!  They are so great and I am so happy to see them continue learning about the gospel and loving it!!

They are so prepared for the gospel.  They have great support from our young women and their family in other wards!

We just came back from doing a 'bragada eskuwela' at Pembo Elementary School. It is were members of the community help clean their local schools.  It is a really big deal hear and the activities last mon-sat.    It was fun, but really quite dirty.  A ton of dust.  This is the main time that they do a major cleaning of the schools before each semester starts.. Glad we could help.

Mom was asking about my daily schedule and the problem is it is really quite borning .  WE wake up at 6:30.  Morning routine of exercise, eating, getting dressed, etc.  and start studies from 8-11 with personal, companion, and language studies.  Then we eat lunch get our things together and begin working at 12.  From there we are out trying to teach.  Some days go better than others, but right now in our area we are getting around 4 or 5 lessons in a day.. Some days go really well and others are a bit harder.  the 4 or 5 includes investigators, recent converts, and less-actives.  We will sometimes have a dinner appointment at around 7 or 8 for less than an hour and we will be working until 9.  We then plan, update the area book, get ready for bed and are in bed by 10:30..  It is very routine.  We don't do really any thing besides that.   It is hard to explain with out literally being in each area because each area is still so different.  

We are having fun.  One of the interesting moments came when we contacted our only referral from the week of a part member, but not in the cmis.  He is kind of anti-mormon... He was trying to trick us into saying something wrong....  It was quite an experience...   

WE are having fun this week.  Some of the Young women wanted to accompany us at the store...  So we are happy to oblige. 

I am right now reading in Alma 18.  I love these stories as they are all about missionary work!!  Also, we have all of the institute curriculum in our apartment so I have read through most of the D&C and now I am working in the Old Testament!  I love learning more about their examples of what to do (job) and what not to do (david)  it is really great. Also I am reading (my second time) in Jesus the Christ, but this time I am highlighting all times it has one of the names of Christ.  It is really opening my eyes to his roles and titles.

So that is what is happening.  I had a small cold this week, but I woke up this morning with no symptoms at all!!

Work is hard.  Work is Good.  This is God's Work.

Love always,


P.S. I have not been getting any of liz's emails since she left...  only our personal....  help!  

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