Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick note to mom

Oh mom, I really am doing okay.  There were some parts of the beginning that were more difficult than others, but even then, it was still so amazing.  And yes the reason why I sound so happy in all my emails is because I am happy.  Yes, this is hard.  Yes, Tagalog is very difficult.  But it is still great. I hope that helps.  And on that note there is one other scripture that I really like.  3 Nephi 5:13.

6 Months!....huh?

Hi everyone!

so as of yesterday.  I have been out for 6 months.  Please someone just tell me that this is a joke because it does not seem like it has been 6 months. I cannot believe that it has gone by so quickly.  In the mission you are very focused on that day and that week, that you sometimes forget what is actually happening with time.  I guess that is one of the blessings of missionary work. 

Right now I am in a computer cafe sweating a bunch.  they don't have any fans running near us, so yeah... not so fun.

We are about to go out and have a few lessons with some really great people.  I am supper happy with how everything is turning out with our area.  

This week has been really great as we had the baptism of Charlie.  It has taken him long time to get to this moment and I am so blessed to know that the Atonement is real, and it has the power to help us and heal us of physical and spiritual wounds.  When he bore his testimony,  he said he was just so speechless and that he just wanted to jump up and scream.  I know that he has seen the difference that the gospel has in his life and how he is able to accept the gospel fully in his life.  Now he has the desire to hopefully serve a full time mission.  I am really blessed in this area seeing such true converts to the gospel.   

We have our mission tour on Wednesday where we will hear from Elder Echo Hawk. That will be supper cool.  I can't wait to tell you about how it all is.  I just found out that because my zone is again too big it will only be us and one other zone at our session.  Did I mention that now with the Tacloban missionaries we are at around 50 missionaries in the Manila Zone.... We will be soon having 16 missionaries in the Sampaloc District!!

Things are looking good in our area.  We will hopefully be having just one baptism in December from a referral named Maviric.  He is also saying he is wanting to serve a mission!  He is really prepared and it is just fun to be able to work with such prepared SA's. 

All is going well here.  

Something that our r.c. Jane said in our lesson about prayer really stuck out to me.  She said: "Prayer is the most important conversation we will have all day."
I just loved that!!

Like always I love all of you.

Good luck Mike and Vanessa with the move! send pics!
And Liz I am so incredibly proud of you with your decision!

Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Bishop

Pictures - November 25, 2013

Rebecca- loving being a missionary :)

Charlie's baptism - Nov. 23,  2013. With companion Sister Montera along with Charlie's friend on left.

Baptism of Jane - Nov. 16, 2013

Rebecca with YSA friend and Sister Montera 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Where has the time gone?! Monday Nov. 18, 2013 12:54 am

Hey guys!!

This is going to have to be a shorter email.  there were some crazy slow connections at the computer shop we went to. Frustrating.  But oh well!

Life has been really good this week.  
#1 Jane's Baptism
#2 Charles got interviewed and passed and will be baptized on Saturday.

We were able to have some great moments this week with having our baptism of Jane. Jane has been so prepared and at her baptism, I was so blessed to hear her bare her testimony that she knows that this church is true. She had said that after she had heard the beginning of the lessons in her province, as her boyfriend of 5 years is a member, she came here with some doubts if she knew it was true and if she wanted to continue. But once she made the decision to come to church, which is where we first met her as she sat down next to us, she said her life has been blessed so much and she knows that all that she has learned is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Hearing her say that brought so much peace to my heart that I know that this is the work of God and that our mission is to bring His children back to him. 

With Charles, there were some stuff in his past that he had to work through for the past few years that would allow him to be baptized.  But finally we were able to get President Stucki to be able to interview him, and He Passed!  I was so happy to see him come out of there.  Pres. Stucki afterward said that he will make a great member of the church.  I know that he has thoroughly repented and is now ready to make the covenant of Baptism.  It is so great to see the redeeming power of the Atonement in people's lives.  I am so blessed personally by the Atonement, but it is so amazing to see the change that it can make in other people's lives too.  

When I really think about how powerful the Atonement is, and how much it has helped me,  I feel so blessed and loved by my Father in Heaven and my Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Atonement brings about the change and the relief that nothing on earth can bring.  It is only through the Atonement do we find peace in this world.  

During everything that happened there has been a lot of disturbances to people's peace.  We just got 13 missionaries from Tacloban and 2 more on the way.  Those people there have gone through so much but the Gospel of Jesus Christ can give us the relief that we are all trying so desperately to find.  Our ward got one missionary from Tacloban, as the former companion of the elder who is still here went to a regular ward in our stake.  It will be fun and the work does not stop.  

I am so blessed this week.  I know that this gospel is true and I have been so blessed in my service here on the mission.  If anyone says that they wonder why we would go to such lengths to bring people to our church, does not really understand what our church is.  This is the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.  We bring souls to Christ.  That is our purpose.  But not going to lie, this is so difficult, but so worth it.  

I love you all and miss you tons!!!  
Mahal ko kayo!!!

Sister Bishop

Questions and Answers - Monday Nov. 18, 2013 12:13 am

Questions and Answers 

1) Q: What is the best advice you've been given to help you thru the tough times?  
    A: Alma 26:27 this scripture came during my first transfer and I was seriously thinking of just stopping and sort of giving up with everything.  It was really hard.  But it helped me know that it is okay.  also  "It will be the hardest times and areas, that when we look back we will be the most grateful for." Pres. Stucki in my last interview.  
2) Q: What has been your spiritual highlight of the week?
    A:  Jane's baptism!  It was absolutely fabulous and so great!
3)  Q:  What is the funniest thing that has happened to you this week?
     A: In a text, I forgot until the end to add the o to the end of hello. I thought it was pretty hillarious.
4) Q: What do you eat for breakfast? 
    A:most days oats with a little brown sugar, powdered milk.  also some days I do an apple and wheat toast
5)  Q:  Do you have hot water for your showers?
     A: nope. 
6)  Q: How has your mission changed you?
     A:  this question I don't even know if I could answer period.  Yes it has. My faith has grown.  I have been trying to develop greater patience.  I absolutely have a deep testimony in the reality of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  I know the Atonement has played a role in my life as well of others for a surety.  Mom I can't even describe.  
7) Q:  What Miracles have you experienced this week?
    A:  Our investigator Charles,  whose sibilings are all members, has been through some stuff in his past that kept him from being baptized when he first learned the lessons.  But now that it has been sufficient amount of time and he went through the necessary steps of repentance, he was able to be interviewed by our President on Sunday and Passed! He will be able to be baptized on Saturday.  

Love ya! 

Hey Guys! Monday Nov. 11, 2013 3:58 am

Monday Nov. 11, 2013  3:58 am

Hi guys.  

I know that I just emailed all of you on Saturday.  So this is a fun time getting to write again.  I am still okay and the city really did not have any damage where I am.  There was not even any flooding.  So that is nice.  The works goes on and my prayers go out to all of the missionaries, members, and people who were unfortunately effected much more heavily than we were.  I am also extremely grateful for ongoing revelation from our Mission President, and for modern technology that we are able to receive the revelation speedily.  But yeah all here is going well. The work goes on!!  I am so happy for all of the blessings that our area has received here for the past few days. 

On to some fun stuff.  The area got split with the new coming elders.  They are nice.  Not saying that I am going to end up being best friends with them, but I am trying to at least look at this as a situation that the area can progress even more and the my work can also be more concentrated to on a specific area and further the work there.  

We just had 2 lessons with some of our really progressing investigators.  One of them being Jane.  Jane is absolutely amazing.  Of course she passed her interview with flying colors.  She keeps saying that she is just so excited for her baptism.  Her boyfriend will be baptizing her, and one of the missionaries who taught her back in her province first, April, will be one of the speakers! Isn't that so cool.  Sister Montera and I are just so blessed to be able to be the ones who get to reap the rewards and see her get baptized.  I can't wait for Saturday.  She is just so excited!!  She has actually been in some of our lessons with some of our male investigators who their fellowshipper is another guy so that we need a girl to work with us.  She loves being able to share what she knows to be true.  

On that note, so many of our investigators who have been baptized our we are preparing to get baptized soon are all saying that they want to or are thinking of serving a mission! How cool is that!! I really am so blessed to be in this area and to see so many lives being changed through this gospel, including my own.  That is truly the power of the spirit.  To convert people to the truth of this gospel and this work.  

So I finished all of the talks last night from the April General Conference.  It was my goal to finish them before tomorrow as we have Zone Meeting where we get October's Talks.  I must say that the talks brought back so many memories and so many good feelings that I was able to feel back when I originally heard them.  It is so amazing how we not only get to hear them once, but get to receive the on going revelation through the talks of the prophets and apostles.  

All of you I love you so much and am so blessed to see how much the Lord loves each of us, everyday.  I know that this is truly the work of God.  He has his hand in all that he does.  I know that this is true.  I know it.  How blessed we are to live in a day and age where we have the fullness of the everlasting gospel restored to the earth.  There is nothing better than knowing that and through this gospel we can return to our loving Father in Heaven with our Families.  

I love all of you so much and pray for you everyday!! I can't believe how fast this mission is going so I am trying to do my best.  It is not easy, but it is so worth it.  I love that you are all doing well and I hope that those who are sick feel better.  LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

love always,
Sister Bishop

Rebecca's Safe Friday Nov. 8, 2013 11:40 pm

Friday Nov. 8 , 2013  11:40 pm

Hey family!!

So I am completely aware that this is not my p-day.  We have gotten permission for 20 minutes to send a letter to our family letting them know that we are safe.  There was this huge storm here in the Philippines. Monsoon. Luckily our area was really not effected at all by the storm.  No floods.  Not even that bad rain.  It at most it was normal (American normal too).  We were called in to our apartments at 8 o'clock.  It was barely drizzling where we were, so I honestly thought it had to do with something besides the weather.  We were able to get home really quickly.  So that was good.  As far as I am aware all of my district is safe and our area is doing completely fine.  It is actually really sunny right now, and kinda hot....  Supposedly there was some really bad weather in other parts of the country, especially down in the lower parts.  We are completely okay.  We really didn't exactly know what was going to be happening that last hour of the day, so we were able to get back really fast from our 7 o'clock appointment.  I have a baptism on Saturday so that is exciting.  Her name is Jane and she is great.  Once again, she is dating a member who is about to serve a mission, and she wants to too.  (Admix, Michelle, and now Jane :) ).  She has her interview tonight so that is supper exciting. She is so ready.  In other news our ward got a set of elders.  Not going to lie, it has been quite tiresome and at times frustrating.  They are great elders that will help progress the area, but it is a different type of area and I sometimes feel as they talk to me that they are not totally excited about it or understand what they are to do.  For me I love the area. I am kinda protective of it as this is where I was "born" and I have been here for almost 5 months.  But oh well. I love the area and am supper exited about everything that is happening here.  Like I said, I am safe and all is well! I love you all and miss all of you tons!!!

Boo aka Sister Bishop

TYPHOON HAIYAN - Updates from Mission Pres. and Stake Pres. Nov 8, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan

Nov. 8, 12:38 am
           Dear Parents,

Just want to give you an update from the Philippines Manila Mission because of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that you have probably heard about.  All of our missionaries (your sons and daughters) are doing fine.  The typhoon is traveling far south of Manila so we will be on the northern edge of the storm and will experience heavy rains and wind tonight and tomorrow. Those in the Manila Metro area should do just fine.  The storm will hit the northern part of the Island of Palawan in about 11 hours where some of our missionaries are serving.   We are taking every precaution for their safety.  We have moved some missionaries away from the storm so they will be safe.  We are encouraging them to stay inside until it passes.  Thank you for your prayers.  We are trying to take care of them like we would our own children.  After the storm passes we will send out an update.  We don't want you to worry.  The Lord takes care of His missionaries. 

With love,

President and Sister Stucki

On Nov 8, 2013, at 5:43 PM, "Guy M. Hicks" <> wrote:
> Dear Brother and Sister Bishop:
> Just a quick note to let you know that Susan and I are praying for Sister 
Bishop's safety and good health.  I'm sure the mission is taking every 
precaution.  Please let know as you receive information.
> President Hicks

Nov. 8, 2012  9:01 pm
  Dear Parents,

The super typhoon has passed and all of our missionaries and members in the Manila Mission are fine.  Thank you for your faith and prayers.  The affects of the storm in the Metro Manila area were minor.  The northern part of the island of Palawan was hit hard with a lot of downed trees and damage to homes.  However, all of the missionaries there were safe and unharmed.  We moved the missionaries we could in Taytay and Roxas away from the storm area before it hit.  

We feel so blessed with how the Lord has watched over His missionaries here in our mission.  We love them and are so grateful to serve with them.  We feel of your love and support and the power of your prayers. Thank you so much!

With love,

President and Sister Stucki

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

Monday Nov 4, 2013  1:11am

Hey guys

So where has all of the time gone!!! Is it seriously November already.  Time seems to move faster and faster.  It feels like I was just commenting that it was crazy that it was October already.  Oh well.  

Any who.  This has been a... week.  It started out last week after emails being able to go up to the temple.  I just love the temple.  It is truly my favorite place on earth.  I am always so amazed by how much I learn every time that I go.  I believe I get to go back the first week in December.  (Just so everyone aka mom is aware temple/pday is on tuesdays when we go).  Just a reminder.  I loved the temple so much.  

A spiritual experience that I had was last week, of course when we had our temple trip. I had been slightly stressed with how this week and next transfer will turn out. As I was walking out of our session, I had this overwhelming feeling that everything would be okay. That despite the challenges that we face, this is His work. He will help us and give us the strength and power. 

I saw the manifestation of this power when we were trying to see if a less-active on our ward directory still lived in his listed house (he didn't) but we met this man who is actually a teacher of the catholic religion at the University of Santo Thomas. He started questioning us and "testing us on our faith" as he said about who is Christ. He asked me how I could convince him that this was all true. As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt this overwhelming power come into me, I started speaking in much better Tagalog than I normally do, I was able to bare testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost as we read the Book of Mormon. It was such an amazing experience to see the scripture fulfilled that we "shall not be confounded before men."

It has definitely been a hard week.  Sometimes are much more stressful and seeming that it is not as successful.  With everyone being gone for Sembreak, days seemed to be much longer than others.  But that is okay.  It can always seem like there are excuses for not working as hard, but if we put the trust in the Lord, He will always make a way.  Granted we did not have a supper busy, or super high key indicators.  But it was a good week non the less.  

So some cool/crazy news is happening to our area.  

1) our ward is getting a second set of missionaries: elders
2) our area is going to be split. our boundaries are kind of confusing because it is the entire stake and they gave us the safer areas... so it is really odd.
3) our zone is getting split.  currently i think we have around 35+ missionaries in our zone.  so on transfer day we are being split.  I don't really have any more info than that.

Oh did I mention that I am not transferring.  Sister Montera and I are both staying here in the ward.  Elder Washburn, our district leader, told me that President Stucki probably wants me to stay here during the changes to the area to help assist all of the changes and the Elders who are shotgunning.  Yippy!  

The good news is that I will be able to see some of my investigators who I started with Sister Montera baptized.  Jane (she is absolutely amazing and I will talk more about her next week), and Charles (everyone in his family got baptized except him.  Completed Family in the MYSA ward!!).  So that is exciting.  

I love this mission!!

Miss all of you tons!

Love always,
Sister Bishop