Monday, September 29, 2014

Well then things happened...

Sept. 29, 2104  2:15 am EDT       Well then things happened...  

So this has been another crazy week here...
It started out as a very normal very nice week actually Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of teaching and finding! Really, we found way more than we normally do and taught some great lessons.  Thursday was my last Zone Conference in the Mission.  Super bitter sweet.  We had some seriously great lessons about the Atonement, Courage/strength, Becoming Master Gospel Teachers, and the Spirit of Elijah. 
then on friday.  Started out with a great day.  Then we had the Apartment Couple.  Elder and Sister Northrup come by and do apartment checks.  Because Sister Bermiso and Sister Ariff were out teaching an early lesson.  I was the missionary in charge.  Good news we are the first apartment this entire transfer (over one month) to get a perfect score on our apartment cleanliness!  Yippy!  Then after they leave crazy things start happening. 
-we get locked out of our appartment in flipflops and me with out a nametag.  waiting for the sisters to get back.
-the fish i was frying to make sweet and sour fish just decided to not work...  annoying fish
-then after getting a brand new fan.  The front cage of it falls off as we are about to eat lunch.  I reach to un plug it and hearing something, I flinch and then accidentally cut my right tumb really bad in the blade of the fan.   After getting our stake president to take us up to Makati to the Hospital.  I was able to easily get 3 stitches in my thumb..  It is okay mom!  I feel fine now.  People just joke and ask questions with the gauze on my thumb.  I have learned from this experience more about gratitude.  I was reminded of stories from Grandpa Schmidt about the one about becoming "grateful for my fingers and my toes"  I have learned new ways to write, wash laundry, wash my hair,  eat and do a whole bunch of stuff!  We go back on Monday to get the stitches removed!  #itsjustafleshwound  :)
The week had some fun stuff happen in our appartment with having to make up our study times this week!  It was a fun week. we finished all of our studies and weekly planning. Saturday we did 2 hours of companion study and weekly planning (then having a baptism in our ward) and Sunday we had church, coordination meeting, studies, and then the makeup studies from Thursday.
It has been a long week but the Lord loves us all so much.
I am so excited for all that is happening in our lives.
I am grateful for my amazing parents, siblings, neices/nephews. 
I love you all so much!!
Sister Bishop #1
P.S.  about the family history stories.  I really want to find out more about the conversion stories of different family members.  I think that is where I want to start off my stories. thanks!!
P.S.S thanks mom and dad for getting the housing taken care of!
P.S.S.S the pictures will come after the mission

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sept. 22, 2014  2:14 am EDT         Weekly

So not gonna lie.  This week was in some ways supper uneventful and other ways super eventful! 
Boredom Lies in missionaries being stuck at home for one day....
We had "Topical Storm Mario" come into our little part of the world this friday.  There was some crazy crazy lightning thunder wind and rain.  But we were all cooped up in our appartments...  I got through like 4 1/2 chapters of Jesus the Christ and a bunch more.
We are having a focus of personal family history this week!  Mom and Dad: could you guys try to compile some stories that I can learn more about our family.  I searched out stuff on and that sight is amazing!!!  I just printed my family fan chart!
The Nolasco Baptism was great!!
There was quite a few people in attendance.  They were super duper excited for their baptism and then on sunday, they were all wearing white button down shirts.  I was super excited for them./
We had ERC this week for all missionaries going home before december.  It was weird talking about the whole thing/mystery called "future" I have one sister in my batch that is in super denile.........  which is hard for all of us......
We have zone conference this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really sad as this will be my last zone conference.  Can y'all say #weird................
Well this week is going to be another great week with being a missionary!
I love you all!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here We Are Again...

September 15, 2014  1:01 am EDT    Here We Are Again...

So we had some crazy flooding in one of our areas on Saturday night...  It was up to almost my hip and almost the waist of Sister Pastor!  Good times in the Philippines!  #I'mgoingonanadventure! 
We had last minute exchanges with the STLs.  last minute means they call at 3:06 as we are in our area.  to say that we will start at 4:00 in there are. Run. get a trycycle, I pack my things in 10 minutes, and we take 30 minutes to travel there.  So much fun!!!! I was with Sister Larsen who is my batch (she is the one from VA)
Life is pretty simple right now.  We have the baptisms all on track for this Saturday.  They are all really excited.  They kept asking if they past their interview with our DL.
They are all doing well.  One of the boys is sick right now with the flu or something.  It has been raining a lot so that happens quite often here.  Thank you amazing immune system!
We have meetings happening pretty much everyday this week.  Zone Meeting.  Follow-Up training Meeting.  ERC (going home preperation from 9-4.....) Weekly Planning.  and Baptisms..... So much stuff to do!!  We still work through all of this and find time to even SLEEP!!
This week will be a lot of learning.  I have been going through Jesus the Christ for the 2nd time and am nearing the end of Passion Week. Almost to the Last Supper.  I am so amazed how all of the Life of Christ pointed to his Atonement!  That was his whole mission of why He came here to earth..
I am so amazed how the Lord is hastening the Work of Salvation.  These are the days!
I am so grateful for the blessings of the Lord in this work!!
From the Philippines where it is crazy awesome!
Sister Bishop

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Well That Was Fast

Sept. 8, 2014  12:54 am EDT       Well That Was Fast

This week has been absolutely way way way too fast.  The work this week was hard to schedule as we had temple day on wednesday.  We were supposed to be at 2 but got pushed back to the 3 time slot so we had very little time this week to do stuff. 
So Liz had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a crazy year for the Bishop Sisters........  so many babies.......  It is great knowing that all of them are doing well!!  Good Luck Rachel and Baby Hughes!!
We had an amazing amazing mission tour.  One of the great things that I learned is that we need to spend more time with the scriptures.  Personal Study is supposed to be personal.  This is OUR time to become closer to the Lord.  We need to focus on our spiritual developement.  Also that we need to learn something everyday and write it down.  That is were I have really slacked on my mission.  Writing in my Journal.........  Sorry mommy............
We are working really well and we are going to be completing and returning a family to activity.  The Nolasco (#2) Family.  They are the uncle and aunt of April.  The parents were less active and are now returning and the 3 oldest boys (age 16, 13, and 10) are being baptized on the 20th.  They are great.  We are going to have fhe with them tonight and it is their oldest's birthday.  Yeah for fun times in the Philippines. 
I got some packages this week!  One from Liz. and can I just say that I am so glad that you are my sister ;) And another from mom and dad.  They always make me feel so loved!!
The work is going great.  We are meeting more people.  We are trying to work on our finding efforts.  Even more in our middle class areas.
I love what the Lord said about the Little Ones.  To bring them to him. As we all become as little children, we are led back to the arms of the Savior and Blessed. 

With Love Always!
Sister Bishop
P.S.  I colored my hair with the dye that I used before my mission, it is darker than I expected but it will fade my hair by the time that I go home to my natural color!  my hair was lightened to a redish color because of the sun....... not a good look on me...  random thought!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Sept. 1, 2014. 2:45 am EDT    Week!  

Ahh this week has been so crazy!!
So saying goodbye to Sister Jandoquile was supper difficult.  She is now serving in Bonifacio 2nd ward.  I miss her tons but we got companion t-shirts and they won't come in until this week... no pictures.. yet.....
So my new anak is SISTER PASTOR!!  She is filipina from vigan.  She is supper supper nice.  the cool thing is she is actually called to the Australia, Melbourne Mission!!  She is a visa waiter and will be here for another 5-8 months. 
We are so so happy! our apartment now has 2 babies and our district has 3.  It is so much fun seeing the work progress.  I miss Sister Jandoquile, but Sister Pastor and Sister Bishop (#falsedoctines)  are going to do some crazy awesome things.. 
This week was fun as we are able to see some really cool things happen.  We got a member referral.  Super prepared.  She has gone to church a lot of times and some members thought that she was already a member!
Also, We had a bird fly into our room during companion studies today... P.S.  when that happens yes the first thing you are going to worry about is if it will poop on your bed..... that lasted about 10 minutes..... we finally got a window open and it flew out..
We got to work with April (our recent convert) and the twin of our former ward missionary Jove.  Jen is a great and amazing.  She is working right now to help support Jove on her mission in Tacloban.  She is only available on Sundays, but has plans to work with us every Sunday!  She is so amazing.  And so is April who helped most of her siblings get to church too!
I love the work!
I am working on making sure I have on a 24/7 smile!  It really does change my outlook on everything.  Even if things are not going the way you exactly want it all to go,  just SMILE!!!  The situation does not always change (though sometimes it does!) But we, ourselves, are changed.  Our very nature is changed as we give God the only thing that He does not already have.  Our WILL.  Everything else, He has already given to us (our lives, our time, our talents) except our will.  That has always existed.  Our intelligences and our will is all we have left to give our Heavenly Father.  That is what He asks us to give to him.  If we will just give up our will and surrender to him; WE WIN!
I am so grateful for all the Lord is blessing us with in our mission!!!!!!
Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Bishop