Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sept. 22, 2014  2:14 am EDT         Weekly

So not gonna lie.  This week was in some ways supper uneventful and other ways super eventful! 
Boredom Lies in missionaries being stuck at home for one day....
We had "Topical Storm Mario" come into our little part of the world this friday.  There was some crazy crazy lightning thunder wind and rain.  But we were all cooped up in our appartments...  I got through like 4 1/2 chapters of Jesus the Christ and a bunch more.
We are having a focus of personal family history this week!  Mom and Dad: could you guys try to compile some stories that I can learn more about our family.  I searched out stuff on familysearch.org and that sight is amazing!!!  I just printed my family fan chart!
The Nolasco Baptism was great!!
There was quite a few people in attendance.  They were super duper excited for their baptism and then on sunday, they were all wearing white button down shirts.  I was super excited for them./
We had ERC this week for all missionaries going home before december.  It was weird talking about the whole thing/mystery called "future" I have one sister in my batch that is in super denile.........  which is hard for all of us......
We have zone conference this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really sad as this will be my last zone conference.  Can y'all say #weird................
Well this week is going to be another great week with being a missionary!
I love you all!


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