Monday, September 29, 2014

Well then things happened...

Sept. 29, 2104  2:15 am EDT       Well then things happened...  

So this has been another crazy week here...
It started out as a very normal very nice week actually Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of teaching and finding! Really, we found way more than we normally do and taught some great lessons.  Thursday was my last Zone Conference in the Mission.  Super bitter sweet.  We had some seriously great lessons about the Atonement, Courage/strength, Becoming Master Gospel Teachers, and the Spirit of Elijah. 
then on friday.  Started out with a great day.  Then we had the Apartment Couple.  Elder and Sister Northrup come by and do apartment checks.  Because Sister Bermiso and Sister Ariff were out teaching an early lesson.  I was the missionary in charge.  Good news we are the first apartment this entire transfer (over one month) to get a perfect score on our apartment cleanliness!  Yippy!  Then after they leave crazy things start happening. 
-we get locked out of our appartment in flipflops and me with out a nametag.  waiting for the sisters to get back.
-the fish i was frying to make sweet and sour fish just decided to not work...  annoying fish
-then after getting a brand new fan.  The front cage of it falls off as we are about to eat lunch.  I reach to un plug it and hearing something, I flinch and then accidentally cut my right tumb really bad in the blade of the fan.   After getting our stake president to take us up to Makati to the Hospital.  I was able to easily get 3 stitches in my thumb..  It is okay mom!  I feel fine now.  People just joke and ask questions with the gauze on my thumb.  I have learned from this experience more about gratitude.  I was reminded of stories from Grandpa Schmidt about the one about becoming "grateful for my fingers and my toes"  I have learned new ways to write, wash laundry, wash my hair,  eat and do a whole bunch of stuff!  We go back on Monday to get the stitches removed!  #itsjustafleshwound  :)
The week had some fun stuff happen in our appartment with having to make up our study times this week!  It was a fun week. we finished all of our studies and weekly planning. Saturday we did 2 hours of companion study and weekly planning (then having a baptism in our ward) and Sunday we had church, coordination meeting, studies, and then the makeup studies from Thursday.
It has been a long week but the Lord loves us all so much.
I am so excited for all that is happening in our lives.
I am grateful for my amazing parents, siblings, neices/nephews. 
I love you all so much!!
Sister Bishop #1
P.S.  about the family history stories.  I really want to find out more about the conversion stories of different family members.  I think that is where I want to start off my stories. thanks!!
P.S.S thanks mom and dad for getting the housing taken care of!
P.S.S.S the pictures will come after the mission

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