Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Nov 9, 2014. 11:10 pm EDT.   Weekly

This has been a great week.  We are going to the Philippines National Museum today for an activity with our zone.  so that will be way fun.
Yesterday we had a great dinner with our Bishop and the set of sisters in our ward. That was really fun.  Our Bishop is really young and really nice.  And also the son of our last bishop.
We had a few set backs with recent converts not being able to go to church yesterday.  but that will be okay hopefully!

Sorry that there is not much that we have done that was supper exciting. 
Oh wait. We had exchanges with the STLs... That was fun.  as they are supper nice.
Sister Pastor is in the mission choir.  (which is pretty much everyone...) so we also went to Buendia on thursday for practice.
John (our investigator) is awesome and came to church for the first time in our ward.  we taught him right after and he is doing really well!!
I love this work and now we are off to go to our zone activity!!!!! yippy!!
I love you all so so much!!!!!
Mahal Kita!!
Sister Bishop

Well. That happened quick...

Nov. 3, 2014  12:24 am EDT    Well.  That happened quick...

Can someone please please please tell me why time is going so fast.....  Novemeber... seriously..................

Well this week has had some pretty amazing miracles come into our little mission.  This friday,  we had a mission choir practice of some of our hymns.  Makes it awkward when everyone keeps telling you you wont be there.  That was followed by a missionary devotional with Elder Lynn G. Robbins and his wife and Elder and Sister Ardern.  Elder Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy was the speaker on "remember what way do you face"..  That was a spiritual feast of sorts. (:  

Then on Saturday, had Marjurie's Baptism.  It was a smaller baptism but it was really good as her sister April was a speaker and her brother, Aijay, was the closing prayer!  Gotta love these kiddos.  The service was really sweet.  The 4 of us sisters sang "when I am baptized".  I love that song as I always am reminded of my own baptism..  

Sunday at 10 we were able to go to the Kabihasnan Chapel (the stake center of Paranaque)  and we had a special meeting with Bishop & Sister Causse.  of the Presiding Bishopric!  Their french accents made me think of Liz and our trip to france before.  Bring on the Crepes and Nutella!!  At that meeting there was President and Sister Ostler (: So good to see them again.

That evening the Philippines Area had a special broadcast with: ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS and his wife (10 years ago he served for 2 years as the Area President).  Elder and Sister Robbins.  Bishop and Sister Causse.  Elder and Sister Ardern. and Elder and Sister Bowen.  Elder Oaks talked about a lot of things that the area can work on to establish the church.  He talked about a lot of things of the Filipino culture that are good and in line with the gospel culture, and many things that are not.  the other speakers mentioned quite a few times that he is a seer, and he knows and loves this people, so he will teach things that this people need to hear.  It was really such an amazing amazing blessing to see hear his words!!

This has also been a good week for finding prepared people.  We were able to find 6 really prepared people (4 are a part member family (the dad's brother is a member in our area-- referral from his wife!))  5 of them have baptismal dates and we are really excited for some of this new set of people to work with and progress towards baptism!

Life is crazy.  Yesterday as we were looking around after the meeting.  A young man stopped us and asked to talk to us.  He is an investigator of the APs and he lives in our area and was referred to meet us.  He had been looking for us as him and the APs were talking.  He kept making references to them in the lesson.  "Well, my friend Elder Obray and Elder Limocon......."  or "Elder Obray....."  haha he is really prepared but had not begun reading the Book of Mormon until yesterday.  He read the chapter we committed for him to read: Alma 32!  He texted us this morning to let us know that he just read.  That was a real amazing miracle.

Finally, I want to say that I had gotten a really bad sore throat this week which made all these things(choir, teaching, singing) really fun....  if anyone wants so send some extra prayers my way that would be nice.  but the work moves on!!!

Well I love all of you so so much!! 

Mahal kita 
Sister Bishop

Monday, October 27, 2014


Oct 27, 2014  12:27 am EDT      AHHHHHH

Well isn't life just crazy!!
This week has been not great by the way of teaching.  not because super amounts of being punted but just because practically each day we had to go somewhere.
Sunday: Women's Broadcast 
Monday: Immigration
Tuesday: District Meeting (our closest day to a full day of work)
Wednesday: Presidents interview at the Mission Home
Thursday: MRC in Quezon City (near the temple) for chest xrays (ps. no TB!) and I got sick that night with a stomach bug
Friday: Sister Pastor's Visa Medical Examination in Makati
Saturday: Baptism of Aijay
So as you can see from this nice list our week our work was a little bit less than we wanted our key indicators to be.  but that does not mean that we do not have to have a amazing time as we work!!
We had a great lesson with our ward executive secritary and his pregnant wife and her younger brother.  
We challenged Richard, her brother, to wrap a book of mormon and read the book of mormon everyday before christmas and give the scriptures as a gift to Christ.  he was extremly hesitant of doing the invitiation but he finally said yes after we were leaving.  We just saw him on our way to the computer shop as he was on his bike.  I asked if he read and he smiled and said yes!  so good to help him.  he is 16 and doesn't quite know if he wants to serve a mission (50/50)
We also had the baptism for Aijay that went really great this week.  We were worried that his testimony was not where it should be but he is all good.  a
His little sister Marjurie will also be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! this will be my last baptism in my mission.... She is really excited.
Lastly, we have a devotional with Elder Robbins on Friday and Church with Elder Clausse.  and then a live broadcast (i think from our stake) With ELDER OAKS!!! on Sunday!!!
Life is soooo good!
With Love Always
Sister Bishop

Monday, October 20, 2014

For-ev-ver for-ev-ver

So this has been a fun day.  Let us start by waking up at 4:30 so that we could be able to get ... fingerprinting done.  You know you are close to leaving when the government starts to tell you that you need to leave.  that was a long time.  it was cool though as we got to meet some of our "batch" that is serving in the San Pablo Mission.  They were super sweet.  One girl even knows Becca Redd (same dorm at byu i think) so that was cool to do. and also super nosebleed with all the engish..  we were all really hungry when we got back to Paranaque so the 3 sets of paranaque missionaries (us, the zls, and stls)  went to Mang Inasal, which is a really yummy filipino "fast food" resturant.  (you sit down but it is really fast)  Over all that was not the most fun trip but we got to meet a few people out of it who were not members and we got to explain what we are doing here.  even met a few members in the process...
With the whole working out the idea of me going home...  I am officially trying to change my outlook on the whole thing as saturday i think, I almost had a breakdown with one of my favorite recent converts when she kept mentioning me leaving.  I am trying to make the resolution that this will be okay and I need to start working out that whole thing.  I am really starting to get weirded out by how close it actually is.   I kept trying to say "malayo pa yan" but Sister Pastor talked to me for a while about it how close it is...   :|     
Life is doing pretty good by way of everything.  We found a super nice woman that we are teaching.  Her name is Gloria.  She is just 39 years old but suddenly 3 weeks ago she went blind.  She does not know what happened and because they are not finacially well off, they cannot go to a doctor.  Her husband works at construction.  So she spends all her day at home in their little itty bitty home waiting for him to come home.  Our first lesson was one of the most memorable lessons that I have ever had as the spirit was so so strong.  She was crying about how she does not know why God would do this/ if he is there.  She was so sweet.  The Spirit literally confirmed to me the answers to my prayers for such a long time.  I truly know by the Power of the Holy Ghost the reality of our divine nature and the Love that Christ has for us.  There were literally angels in the tiny room with us.  As we taught, tears were streaming down all three of our faces.  I am so grateful for my testimony and the strength I have received from that experience.  It was hard for me to see her struggles as blindness is one of my greatest fears. (see also Foundations of Leadership fall).... 
Then with Bing's baptism!!  This baptism was so so unforgettable (not like I could forget any of them)  She has such a strong testimony.  She is really excited to go to the temple with our R.C. Wennie  (she is the one I am really close with). She loves the gospel so much!!  She is in 2 Nephi and marks her "Ti Libro Ni Mormon"  -Ilokano  with great scriptures and loves sharing her insights from her studies.  She shared in her testimony how much she wants to share the gospel with her family in her province so they can be as happy as she is!!
With other people: Luis (our rc from June) and his wife just got their temple recommend.  He has filled out his "My Family" packet before we even taught him about it, and their little family of 5 is so adorable!  They are such a great family to know.
April is doing well.  After seeing her mom get really mad at the kids, it made me so grateful for the example of my absolutely amazing parents!!  I am a little bit bias (100%) to say that they are the best parents in the world.  as you can see just a tad bias...  :D
The work is going well!  really well.  There is the baptism for Aijay (April's brother) on Saturday.  and their younger sister Marjurie(10y.o) hopefully on Nov 1.
We have our amazing president's interviews this week!  and then a devotional with Elder Robbins!!
I am so happy for all that you guys are doing!!  I hope all of you know that you are all in my prayers always!!

Sister Bishop

This is AWESOME!

Hi all

This week was great!!! General Conference Highlights: All about personal REVELATION!!!
We have a baptism on Saturday for Delia "Bing" Cueva.  she is super duper excited!! 
Sorry not too much time.  Mom if you want to patch some of the email together that would be great and just send it to everyone. 
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Bishop
That is such a cool story about the Patriarchal Blessings.  They are so awesome.  Really cool story that the one Seventy shared about the difference that his Patriarchal Blessing played in his life.  No I did not go to the blessing itself.  waited outside. 
Thank you so much for all your help with my classes.  Classes start Jan 5.  Crazy how quick that will come. 
The bugs are pretty much under control right now.  I never had any problems and I don't know if it is because they are drisilk. One of the workers in the provo initiatory did tell me that my garments would be a protection on my mission. 
That is so great to hear about May!
And I am so glad to hear about gus that he is doing better!  Not going to lie I added him into my fast this past month :) Prayers are answered!
And of course I am excited about the Messiah.  Actually about singing, President Ostler is planning on a music thing and has requested that I be one of the singers.  and he put me in soprano!  ahh...... need the prayers!  I have no other news about that whole thing besides that I will also be in the choir I think...
So cool to hear about the temple and dad as a veil worker!  Is his work near or far from the temple!
Random: The Weekly Report (between g.c.) had a thing about a Alexandria (?) trek and it was so good to see parts of virginia. 
The thumb is doing a ton better.  I am just getting the bend farther.  It is sort of like when I had my knee, it just takes a little bit to get the bend all the way back. 
Delia "Bing" is great!! She passed her baptismal interview and is so excited!!  Her baptism will be on Saturday at 6.
And I love your insight so true.  Also Moses hands were upheld in the battle by Hur and Aaron i think.  Also made me think about the temple a little too!
Love you
Becca Boo!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Well that was fast...

October 6, 2014   2:51 EDT     Well that was fast...

So who here is super tired and super happy?  this girl!
We have been able to see some really awesome things happen this week.  One of the really amazing things was how Delia "Bing" our baptismal date on the 18th is opened up about some of the hardships that she has faced in her life.  This Gospel has truly changed her.  When she learned about proxy baptisms, she was so amazed and so excited.  She is progressing amazing and has been an investigator for about 1 month.  She is already in 2Nephi!
I am really having a great time.  The work is doing well.  This week is transfer week.  We have Zone Meeting tomorrow.  Sister Pastor and Sister Ariff (one of our roommates) are getting their patriarchal blessings tomorrow!  It is crazy how fast each day goes by.  At the beginning of my mission, I thought that each day lasted forever!  It is always crazy how much fun all this work is.  It is hard how as soon as you begin getting good at something, it changes or ends. 
Sister Pastor is doing well. We are doing really well.  Our apartment has dogs that belong to the stake president so we have some of these bugs that we are working to get out.  they have given 2 of the sisters itchiness.  Not so much fun.  We are getting on top of that.  We wish we could get rid of the dogs. 
General Conference is this weekend for us!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly excited to see it.  And they are broadcasting the conference in all the buildings in our stake so we don't need to travel the extra bit to see it.  and that will really help so that our investigators can see it!!
I love this work.  I am working to finish the Book of Mormon (again) also I am finishing d&c and PofGP.  by then end.  It is okay because reading durning the small free time we have has become my guilty pleasure on my mission!  Personal Study hours are the best!!
Well I love you all so much!!
We are never forgotten by the Lord!!
Sister Bishop <3

Monday, September 29, 2014

Well then things happened...

Sept. 29, 2104  2:15 am EDT       Well then things happened...  

So this has been another crazy week here...
It started out as a very normal very nice week actually Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of teaching and finding! Really, we found way more than we normally do and taught some great lessons.  Thursday was my last Zone Conference in the Mission.  Super bitter sweet.  We had some seriously great lessons about the Atonement, Courage/strength, Becoming Master Gospel Teachers, and the Spirit of Elijah. 
then on friday.  Started out with a great day.  Then we had the Apartment Couple.  Elder and Sister Northrup come by and do apartment checks.  Because Sister Bermiso and Sister Ariff were out teaching an early lesson.  I was the missionary in charge.  Good news we are the first apartment this entire transfer (over one month) to get a perfect score on our apartment cleanliness!  Yippy!  Then after they leave crazy things start happening. 
-we get locked out of our appartment in flipflops and me with out a nametag.  waiting for the sisters to get back.
-the fish i was frying to make sweet and sour fish just decided to not work...  annoying fish
-then after getting a brand new fan.  The front cage of it falls off as we are about to eat lunch.  I reach to un plug it and hearing something, I flinch and then accidentally cut my right tumb really bad in the blade of the fan.   After getting our stake president to take us up to Makati to the Hospital.  I was able to easily get 3 stitches in my thumb..  It is okay mom!  I feel fine now.  People just joke and ask questions with the gauze on my thumb.  I have learned from this experience more about gratitude.  I was reminded of stories from Grandpa Schmidt about the one about becoming "grateful for my fingers and my toes"  I have learned new ways to write, wash laundry, wash my hair,  eat and do a whole bunch of stuff!  We go back on Monday to get the stitches removed!  #itsjustafleshwound  :)
The week had some fun stuff happen in our appartment with having to make up our study times this week!  It was a fun week. we finished all of our studies and weekly planning. Saturday we did 2 hours of companion study and weekly planning (then having a baptism in our ward) and Sunday we had church, coordination meeting, studies, and then the makeup studies from Thursday.
It has been a long week but the Lord loves us all so much.
I am so excited for all that is happening in our lives.
I am grateful for my amazing parents, siblings, neices/nephews. 
I love you all so much!!
Sister Bishop #1
P.S.  about the family history stories.  I really want to find out more about the conversion stories of different family members.  I think that is where I want to start off my stories. thanks!!
P.S.S thanks mom and dad for getting the housing taken care of!
P.S.S.S the pictures will come after the mission

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sept. 22, 2014  2:14 am EDT         Weekly

So not gonna lie.  This week was in some ways supper uneventful and other ways super eventful! 
Boredom Lies in missionaries being stuck at home for one day....
We had "Topical Storm Mario" come into our little part of the world this friday.  There was some crazy crazy lightning thunder wind and rain.  But we were all cooped up in our appartments...  I got through like 4 1/2 chapters of Jesus the Christ and a bunch more.
We are having a focus of personal family history this week!  Mom and Dad: could you guys try to compile some stories that I can learn more about our family.  I searched out stuff on and that sight is amazing!!!  I just printed my family fan chart!
The Nolasco Baptism was great!!
There was quite a few people in attendance.  They were super duper excited for their baptism and then on sunday, they were all wearing white button down shirts.  I was super excited for them./
We had ERC this week for all missionaries going home before december.  It was weird talking about the whole thing/mystery called "future" I have one sister in my batch that is in super denile.........  which is hard for all of us......
We have zone conference this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really sad as this will be my last zone conference.  Can y'all say #weird................
Well this week is going to be another great week with being a missionary!
I love you all!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here We Are Again...

September 15, 2014  1:01 am EDT    Here We Are Again...

So we had some crazy flooding in one of our areas on Saturday night...  It was up to almost my hip and almost the waist of Sister Pastor!  Good times in the Philippines!  #I'mgoingonanadventure! 
We had last minute exchanges with the STLs.  last minute means they call at 3:06 as we are in our area.  to say that we will start at 4:00 in there are. Run. get a trycycle, I pack my things in 10 minutes, and we take 30 minutes to travel there.  So much fun!!!! I was with Sister Larsen who is my batch (she is the one from VA)
Life is pretty simple right now.  We have the baptisms all on track for this Saturday.  They are all really excited.  They kept asking if they past their interview with our DL.
They are all doing well.  One of the boys is sick right now with the flu or something.  It has been raining a lot so that happens quite often here.  Thank you amazing immune system!
We have meetings happening pretty much everyday this week.  Zone Meeting.  Follow-Up training Meeting.  ERC (going home preperation from 9-4.....) Weekly Planning.  and Baptisms..... So much stuff to do!!  We still work through all of this and find time to even SLEEP!!
This week will be a lot of learning.  I have been going through Jesus the Christ for the 2nd time and am nearing the end of Passion Week. Almost to the Last Supper.  I am so amazed how all of the Life of Christ pointed to his Atonement!  That was his whole mission of why He came here to earth..
I am so amazed how the Lord is hastening the Work of Salvation.  These are the days!
I am so grateful for the blessings of the Lord in this work!!
From the Philippines where it is crazy awesome!
Sister Bishop

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Well That Was Fast

Sept. 8, 2014  12:54 am EDT       Well That Was Fast

This week has been absolutely way way way too fast.  The work this week was hard to schedule as we had temple day on wednesday.  We were supposed to be at 2 but got pushed back to the 3 time slot so we had very little time this week to do stuff. 
So Liz had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a crazy year for the Bishop Sisters........  so many babies.......  It is great knowing that all of them are doing well!!  Good Luck Rachel and Baby Hughes!!
We had an amazing amazing mission tour.  One of the great things that I learned is that we need to spend more time with the scriptures.  Personal Study is supposed to be personal.  This is OUR time to become closer to the Lord.  We need to focus on our spiritual developement.  Also that we need to learn something everyday and write it down.  That is were I have really slacked on my mission.  Writing in my Journal.........  Sorry mommy............
We are working really well and we are going to be completing and returning a family to activity.  The Nolasco (#2) Family.  They are the uncle and aunt of April.  The parents were less active and are now returning and the 3 oldest boys (age 16, 13, and 10) are being baptized on the 20th.  They are great.  We are going to have fhe with them tonight and it is their oldest's birthday.  Yeah for fun times in the Philippines. 
I got some packages this week!  One from Liz. and can I just say that I am so glad that you are my sister ;) And another from mom and dad.  They always make me feel so loved!!
The work is going great.  We are meeting more people.  We are trying to work on our finding efforts.  Even more in our middle class areas.
I love what the Lord said about the Little Ones.  To bring them to him. As we all become as little children, we are led back to the arms of the Savior and Blessed. 

With Love Always!
Sister Bishop
P.S.  I colored my hair with the dye that I used before my mission, it is darker than I expected but it will fade my hair by the time that I go home to my natural color!  my hair was lightened to a redish color because of the sun....... not a good look on me...  random thought!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Sept. 1, 2014. 2:45 am EDT    Week!  

Ahh this week has been so crazy!!
So saying goodbye to Sister Jandoquile was supper difficult.  She is now serving in Bonifacio 2nd ward.  I miss her tons but we got companion t-shirts and they won't come in until this week... no pictures.. yet.....
So my new anak is SISTER PASTOR!!  She is filipina from vigan.  She is supper supper nice.  the cool thing is she is actually called to the Australia, Melbourne Mission!!  She is a visa waiter and will be here for another 5-8 months. 
We are so so happy! our apartment now has 2 babies and our district has 3.  It is so much fun seeing the work progress.  I miss Sister Jandoquile, but Sister Pastor and Sister Bishop (#falsedoctines)  are going to do some crazy awesome things.. 
This week was fun as we are able to see some really cool things happen.  We got a member referral.  Super prepared.  She has gone to church a lot of times and some members thought that she was already a member!
Also, We had a bird fly into our room during companion studies today... P.S.  when that happens yes the first thing you are going to worry about is if it will poop on your bed..... that lasted about 10 minutes..... we finally got a window open and it flew out..
We got to work with April (our recent convert) and the twin of our former ward missionary Jove.  Jen is a great and amazing.  She is working right now to help support Jove on her mission in Tacloban.  She is only available on Sundays, but has plans to work with us every Sunday!  She is so amazing.  And so is April who helped most of her siblings get to church too!
I love the work!
I am working on making sure I have on a 24/7 smile!  It really does change my outlook on everything.  Even if things are not going the way you exactly want it all to go,  just SMILE!!!  The situation does not always change (though sometimes it does!) But we, ourselves, are changed.  Our very nature is changed as we give God the only thing that He does not already have.  Our WILL.  Everything else, He has already given to us (our lives, our time, our talents) except our will.  That has always existed.  Our intelligences and our will is all we have left to give our Heavenly Father.  That is what He asks us to give to him.  If we will just give up our will and surrender to him; WE WIN!
I am so grateful for all the Lord is blessing us with in our mission!!!!!!
Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Bishop

Monday, August 25, 2014

Well this is news...

August 25, 2014  12:47 am EDT.   Well this is news 

So hi everyone.  lets get the news out right in the front.  I am training!! AHH
So for those who may not know what that means, I will be a companion of a brand new missionary out of the mtc.  (missionary training center).  This is a really big responsibility.  and I am supper nervous.But I am so excited.  There are so many feelings right now (#ihavealotoffeelings)  We had an amazing training meeting with President Ostler and the APs.  There are 28 new missionaries!  President Ostler taught a lot about the importance of Love in the Work and in the companionship.
When we went to President's Home on Monday for the FHE we had so much fun.  We played some games, ate cinnamon rolls (yum!) and had a great lesson.  It was a talk from one of the Apostles about Christlike Love and Charity.  I want to find out what the title of it was.  It was great.  Also, each member of our zone was able to share something that they love about their companion.  We were to start it "someone in our family..."  it is funny because in the Ostler Family Fhe it is supposed to be somewhat anonymous but when the family is a family of 2 it is pretty easy to know.  Well, it really brought the Spirit and we all felt really loved. 
I was able to take some time to talk to President Ostler. He called me in his office.  (That was when he called me to train!)  But he has a great painting of the Savior hanging in his office called "Abide in Me" i think by Simon Dewey. 
Well we had a great baptism this week!
April was baptized accompanied by all of her family(well all minus one brother)  The baptismal room was packed full and the doors were actually kept open so that everyone could be there!  She felt so loved.  I was a tear jerker as her best friend and our amazing ward missionary Jove (pronounced jov-ee) will be leaving on her mission to the Philippines Tacloban mission on Friday!  She was so sweet and was crying saying how much she wants to serve a mission.  The Lord was so present during the Baptism.  Her friend and president of the priest's quorum was her baptizer.  The Baptism Proper was flawless and so amazing as all her younger siblings and cousins were sitting right near the fount.
I am so sad to say good bye to Sister Jandoquile.  She has been such an amazing companion!! I am so happy that she has been my companion for these past 2 transfers!!!
Well the Lord provides so many miracles in this work!!
Oh and we have a mission blog.  I think it is <>
Well happy birthday Elise! I can't believe you are 2!!!
And welcome into the world Rebekah Deon Hawks!! She is so adorable!!
I love the Lord!!  and I am so grateful for the Lord's hand in this work!!

With lots of love

Sister Bishop

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baptisms that are long awaited...

August 17, 2014  11:51 EDT     Baptisms that are long awaited...

We are having a baptism this week for April! I told you guys about her last week.  Well everything is going great.  She even set up and prepared her own program and everything. The Young Women are super excited for her too.  She worked with me when we had splits with some of our ysa's in our ward!
This is going to be a fun day as we have FHE with our mission president at the mission home today with our zone!  We are supper excited to see what we will do.  This is my first fhe with the president.  But this is actually Sister Jandoquile's third..  Guess I am always in the zone that does not get to do it..  Oh well
Well Keep April in your prayers and the other Nolasco family.  They are the family of her dad and the parents are members and the kids have baptismal dates on Sep 13!  they all are coming to church and love it! thank you Paranaque 4 young men! they are awesome!!
The time goes by so quickly!
Just read through the Army of Helaman and was so impressed by their Christ like attributes that they show during their trials and battles.
Everyone I love you so much and am so grateful for the Lords Blessings
Sarah if baby hawks comes tell her hi for me!!
Dad: Good luck and I love you!
With love always,

Monday, August 11, 2014

Frozen part 2 :))

August 11, 2014  12:40 am EDT   Frozen Part 2 :))

We sisters have made a miracle happen this week!  We are watching Frozen!  Our District leader was not thrilled at first when we gave that suggestion, but miracle of miracles.  District activity Today at 2 at the chapel!
The sisters are bringing a few deserts and such... I don't know what the elders are all doing..  We will see what will happen!!
Not gonna lie, we are super excited. 
We are having a great time in our area!  Our area is improving a ton.  Having baptisms coming up, investigators coming to church!, part members preparing for baptism while their parents are returning to church, less actives living the word of wisdom and keeping other commitments!
We had an interesting visit this week with a very long less-active who has turned to another church that makes it a point to try to propagate anti-mormon stuff.  It was hard because she told us how she pretty much hates the church, J.S., the Book of Mormon, and even temples.  The Temple was one that was hard to hear her disregard as that is such a foundation to my testimony.  I love the knowledge that I have of temples. I KNOW IT IS TRUE! We (Sister Jandoquile and I) talked after ward and shared how when those things happen, we need to build up our own faith to let it be a leaping stone not a stone of stumbling.
I am grateful for the scriptures.  I have been studying how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work hand in hand.  It is really a "marvelous work and a wonder"
The Lord is at the head of this church

We are calling upon Him to help us and he WILL provide
Oh and it has been weirdly sunny lately, I miss the rain...   It is almost like it is summer with the lack of rain these past few days..... not cool....
Well love from Paranaque

Sister Bishop

Monday, August 4, 2014

"Let's go to the mall…today" -himym

Aug. 4, 2014   12:29 am EDT.     "Let's go to the mall…today" - himym (how I met your mother)

So, this week we have had/ are having 4 FHE's in 3 days...  
1 on saturday night.  we had a blast.  It was at our recently returned less active's house who lives with his supper dupper active mother (nanay becca) and another active family! Also our bishop and his wife was there.  Our first counselor, his wife and 2 adorable kids.  Some of our other random members and April (our amazing part member who will be baptized on the 23rd)
2 Sunday at 6 with our ward mission leader, the missionaries, and ward missionaries.  It was fun and good times. Followed by:
3 Sunday night at 7:30. us four sisters made our way to our EQP and had FHE there.  It is cool because his wife was Sister Jandoquile's young women president when she was younger.  small world.
4 tonight with the Go family.  They are super nice and I love them bits 'n pieces.
Other cool things that will happen today.  We have an appointment for a family that the kids are friend with our 10 y.o recent convert, Jerlyn.  Jerlyn is really shy but she opens up around people who she is comfortable around.  Thank goodness we fall under that category.  So that will be fun. 
We are going to the SM (a mall franchise here in PH).  I need a new umbrella as my last one broke.  Hopefully this will be the last time that I need to buy one.  This is I think my 5th umbrella... yeahhh... Sister Jandoquile needs new rubber shoes.  And we have a few other random things to find: pens paper tape.... you get the picture..
We are having a good week by way of work.  We are not getting chastised for the lack of progressing investigators anymore by our district leader...  So that makes for a happy missionary.
We are getting very comfortable in our companionship.  We are good friends and we have a blast with random quotes... "Scoop it! just scoop it...." So all in all that makes work go by much faster. 
I have still not gotten totally used to the whole people staring at me.  I most of the time just laugh when I see people's reactions when they see me...
As for a bit more somber note: the Nollasco family took a hard hit last Saturday.  This is April's Family.  They have 7 kids.  April is the oldest at 16 and the youngest is 1 turning 2. They don't have too much by way of finances but they are happy. the trouble hit when their mother left and has not come back.  They know that "lumipat siya ng bahay" or she moved houses to another family..  the dad has taken it really hard.  They know that God has a plan for them.  Including the kid's grandmother coming to help with their family.  Good thing because she is very active, but very old.  That has sparked some of the other Nollasco families that are in our area and less active to come to church yesterday.  Keep them in your prayers!
The work is good!
I love how when I can read the scriptures, we come to get to know our Heavenly Father better.  We learn or his mercy, grace, and justice.  We learn of his pattern with teaching his children.  I love that God is the same yesterday today and forever!!
I don't know if I mentioned this in any of my earlier emails from this area.  But Sister Jandoquile and I sing the Tagalog hymns for companionship study.  It just makes my day a little bit more "brown" as liz would say..
Trust God and Believe

Sister Bishop

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another rainy P-Day...

July 28, 2014  5:12 am EDT   Another Rainy P-Day... 

Hello everyone!
This is another fun... Pday.  We had a brown-out (our term for black out) for a couple hours so we pushed back our emailing time.  It always amazes me how the people here can continue to do exactly what they normally do even when there is storms out..
This week has been good. 
Did I mention that our progressing areas are squatter areas.  But they are really great.  Sometimes difficult too but never too hard to not make Sister Jandoquile and I laugh.
Some of the Blessings that came this week.
-hearing that investigators have desires to be baptized and are working on their Law of Chastity problems before their baptism.
-having a "normal area's" numbers aka that we can look at our area as not one that is struggling..
-having our less active that is going to church and preparing to go to church invite us to a big FHE (did i mention he is an awesome chief) and going to prepare a bunch of seafood dishes
-working with investigators that are awesome!
-planning to print a tshirt with Sister Jandoquile with a bunch of our quotes on the back
- Going on Splits with some of our members last night and able to get in around 7 lessons in 3 hours!
-having a ward activity
-meeting some of the less actives for the first time in our new areas
-hearing that a poor recent convert is supper dupper strong in the gospel and is working to get her grown kids more interested

Some of those other moments..
-Not knowing when the poorer investigators working on getting married will be able to get all the money they need for their wedding licenses... bummer
-having the Nolasco kids miss church because there is a really really difficult problem in their family. (Sister Jandoquile visited last night and hopefully it will all go alright)
-hearing "Babylonian" music everywhere  #goaway
-having my pineapple stolen......
-being poor missionaries..  we are working on getting some of our traveling expenses reimbursed
-being rejected is never fun but happens pretty much everywhere
-hearing even more random names that people have for me..

This week has been pretty awesome as I was able to learn a lot from some of my scriptures study in Alma! The preparation missionaries have is really great.  I am still working on making it better into true worship and devotional time. 
I am realizing towards the end of each day.  That no matter how hard we work, we are still at the Lord's will.  That He is our strength.  I also think that is why we have companions.  Someone to talk/laugh with. Be accountable to.  This is truly the Lord's work
Random thought.  the person next to me at the computer shop is playing a song all about baboy meaning pig/pork....  that is the entire song... I can't help but laugh #what?!  seriously what happened...
Who knows what this week will bring, but we are super excited! 
I am grateful for the blessings of the temple.  These are our ultimate goal here on earth. 

 We still struggle sometimes to get less-actives out to church, but we will be blessed to witness the return of a really great returning member next week.  Alex is changing his life that he had turned to when he was in his early 20s and is so much happier from what I can tell! He is reading the Book of Mormon and explaining what everything is meaning.  We are grateful that we can always count our blessings.

I am grateful for the blessings the Lord is pouring out upon our companionship.  I am in profound awe of his kindness and goodness that He shows us in this work. 

We are grateful to see investigators changing their lives and testifying of the truthfulness and divinity of the Book of Mormon!
Sister Bishop

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Weekly         July 23, 2014  1:48 am  EDT

Things that made me supper happy this week:
-having new areas that have a bunch of people we can teach
-my supper awesome companion
-having investigators come to church
-working with investigators (she is 16 and worked with us all day)
-receiving emails from all of you
-having people make the weirdest looks when they hear you speaking tagalog
-not having problems with the weather... too much
-becoming a godmother with Sister Jandoquile. (our kabahay (roommate) just got a new baby comp.  so we take over role as Ninang.  :) she is New Zealand
-getting new missionaries in our district
-a baptism for a 8 year old in our ward who is sooo sweet! has an amazing testimony
-seeing the face of our investigator April (the one who worked with us) when she knew she will be baptized on August 23
-getting hugs from investigators/members that are sisters
-having members be supper happy that they now have sisters in their area!

Some... other things
-hearing favorite songs when you are a missionary
-getting sort of sick after a supper long taxi ride from the temple with many jerkings due to rediculous traffic....
-having our new progressing areas being squatter areas....
-being called 'white-y'
-having what feels like everyone tell you they don't want to be baptized 
-being supper tired
-not having any time on our p-day to do anything as we waited for a taxi for 90 minutes then traffic on the way there and back.....
-having our new baby lose her money..  around 2000+ pesos... around 50 dollars..
-using soooo much money on rides to and from our area!!!!!!!!

Well, life is crazy. It is so much fun! had such a great time at the temple.  It was raining but really fun!
Having some great experiences with working in some of our new areas.  we have such great recent converts and investigators that want to work with us.  It is ... fun .. having to follow up with the elders as we don't really know where we are going... to visit the people they ask us about.... that is why our members are awesome.
The work goes on.  I realize that this is now all I know... I don't know anything else..
Sister Bishop

Monday, July 14, 2014

We work

 July 14, 2014  1:09 EDT    We work

hello family, friends, and now anyone who is reading this..
As I learned from President Ostler, I have more people reading this than just my family... So welcome.
This is my life for the past how many months.  I wake up. Exercise and get ready for the day.  Study the Gospel through scriptures and words of the Prophets.  Then teach people the gospel.  Sometimes, we get punted (meaning appointments falling through)  But it is always a fun day in the mission.  Oh and I forgot to mention that we do eat and sleep if you were wondering. 
The life here is way fun.  here are some pictures at our recent convert, Wennie's appartment with her 4 year old son Wesley (aka Elle) 

Life is good. can't you tell.

Work is interesting.  We just got a new area added to our area.  It came from when that one area was supposed to be added to our area, but our bishop wants elders there supposedly so we got a bunch of area added to our area.  We will be able to go there on Tuesday.  Strange things are a foot at the Circle K.
We have so much fun together.  Sister Jandoquile and I come from very different backgrounds but we are able to have a blast.  It is so much fun to just be able to laugh through everything.  It really makes so much of a difference in our work that we are able to have so much fun.  Well keeping everything within missionary limits... :) 
With the changes we let a good amount of area go as well.  That is okay.  The only thing constant in life is change, so we just have to get ready and go!
We were able to have this really awesome lesson with this mother and daughter.  They live at the same apartment complex as some of our recent converts and members.  (look up Chateau Elysee, it is more like a hotel)  and it is really really close to the chapel.   We met the 12 year old daughter Mikee on the street of the apartment and she said we could come back.  We met just briefly in their apartment and set a time to come back.  Sister Fe is a widow of 12 years.  She experienced a stroke a few months back, but is really open to listen.  When we came back and taught the full first lesson we had focused on the eternal family.  When we asked about any questions that she had she asked at the end of the lesson: "Does that mean, that if we are married in the temple that I will be able to see my husband again and know him?"  The spirit was so strong as we testified that YES! we will know them and we can become eternal families!  I asked her if she wanted to see him again and with tears in her eyes she said: "Yes, yes I do."  We invited her to be baptized on August 30.  She quickly accepted the baptismal date. 
That is one of my really big highlights this week. 
We supposedly have a storm coming in this week, but we are not too worried.  Not gonna lie, it is kidda fun.  as mom said "Memories"  We take what the Lord gives us, and just keep going. 
I had a really great personal study this morning as I was studying about the Sacrament. I was reading about a bunch of scriptures and words of the Living Prophets about the topic.  I realized (well the better word would be re-realized) the way that we remember Christ is by becoming more like him.  It is not just remembering the Atonement and his suffering (while that is so crucial), but we remember all of Him.  His whole life.  And then apply what we learn to become more like him in our life by developing the Christlike Attributes (see PMG chapter 7).  It is so much more than a small piece of broken bread and cup of water.  Just as the bread and water are internalized within our bodies, the life of Christ needs to be internalized with in our hearts and minds. 
I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve.  The desire to serve a full time mission many not have come until I was 18 and the age changed, but the missionary preparation had been a lifetime.  I am grateful for all of those who have influenced me to be the person that I am today.  My friends, teachers,  my family, and most importantly my Savior.
With love,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Fourth Of July!

July 7, 2014 1:19 am EDT   Happy Fourth Of July!

Hello everyone!

Where has this week gone?  Seriously?!
First things first HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALSO BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VANESSA!!  (never forget the entire country celebrates your birthday;)
This week has been really fun.  Kind of crazy on some points, but way fun.  We were able to meet our new mission president on Wednesday!
We had this huge devotional where they spoke.  And all the metro manila missionaries were there.  It was kind of crazy becuase there were still a bunch of missionaires that I don't know because they are brand new..  It was cool to see some old friends too. Though it feels like we have all seen each other a bunch recently with different devotionals and such. It was so cool they are from mesa, arizona.
So during the closing remarks President Ostler brings up the point that he has checked blogs of philippines missionaries to find out more of what our lives are like.  He says that many people's blogs are not locked so he got to know many missionaries.  He then scans the crowd and says "Where is Sister Bishop?"  I then raise my hand tentatively, when he replies: "Well it is nice to finally meet you in person."  I was so shocked!!  All of the missionaries joked about it after and it was really quite funny.  It just scared me half to death for a second, because in the Philippines blogs are not a big thing.  but it continues to make me laugh.
We had our personal interviews with the Mission President.  Usually they are done in the nearest stake center, but because the Ostlers are all about family (did I mention that they have a 14 year old son with them (their youngest))  We were able to do all of them at the mission home!!
President Ostler is amazing.  And He knows Uncle Jim! as well as their family. as well as Grandpa!!  The craziest and most amazing part was when President Ostler mentions this to me.  He tells me that he also knew grandma really well and was in attendance at her funeral.  Not gonna lie I started crying in the middle of the kitchen as he tells me how amazing she was.  I could feel her spirit so strongly at that moment.  I could not believe that the Lord would bless me with such an amazing mission president.  He is litterally the kindest, sweetest, and spiritual man ever! (well besides you daddy!)  And they are BYU fans!
This has been a hard week with not much work that we have been able to get in.  There have been some hard moments but we are hopeful and prayerful and fasting-ful..  The Lord knows what his children need, and what they need is the gospel. 
We had some trials getting appointments in this week.  It is just hard when it feels like everyone is comparing you to other missionaries, which makes you wonder what you are doing wrong and why things are going slow.  BUT we are still really hopeful.  Singing helps and having such a supportive and fun companion makes ALL the difference!!
P.S. We had a flash flood in our area.  When we got out leaving one of our subdivisions, the flooding got up to above our knees!  Not gonna lie it was part gross and part really really fun!
We are doing well.  The Lord is at the helm!
I am so grateful for the scriptures!!
Thanks for all of your support and love this past week.  You are all in my prayers. 
Sister Bishop

Monday, June 30, 2014

pm3 (Philippines Manila missionaries)

pm3 (Philippines Manila missionaries)  Monday June 30 1:53 am EDT 

so pm3 is Sister Jandoquile's band that she says that we will put together when we are all rm's...

Hi family & friends!

how is it there where you are?  life is good here... having fun.
It has rained a good amount this week, and so the work has been slow to progress.  It is hard to proselyte when no one is out side..................

We had exchanges which really help our work, but are just a lot to worry about..

The work is going well.  We had difficulties getting investigators to church... which means no baptisms in July....  We have good plans and goals for August!!

As for other news.... We have a new mission President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President and Sister Ostler are here!!

They are so cute.
They have a 14 year old son caleb with them.

We have a full mission meeting with the new mission president & wife on Wednesday, and then personal interviews on friday!

So exciting!

Well i love you all.

mahal kita!

Sister Bishop

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wow. Another week

June 22, 2014  2:49 am EDT.  Wow. Another week

So crazy stuff has happened this week...

Our baptism was great!  He is so prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am just so amazed.  He was actually fully taught in his province before he moved to our area.  He is a part member with the cutest kids.  Sophie is the most adorable, cute, and well mannered 2 year old ever.  They also have 2 newborn twin boys.  Luis and his wife Jean are planning on entering the temple soon.  Jean is a great example to Luis. 

The fun part of our week came yesterday, when they announced that they will be taking part of our area (our most progressing areas with all of the recent converts, including Luis) and give it to another set of the missionaries in our ward (elders), not only that put they are adding one half of a ward where part was added to a newly formed stake, and half was given to us.  We got an area book with a bunch of information.  Just not the easiest info to understand if you have never been there.... We are stressing a little but I am just grateful for my companion at this point.  Our area just tripled or quadrupled in a few minutes without prior knowledge of what was happening...... SO FUN!!
So we have given up a lot of our less- actives and all of our Recent converts.  We are just really grateful for all the work that the other missionaries did in the Bicutan area. We are super excited to see what is in store.
When going into an area that neither of us had been to.  it is another barangay.  Sort of like the difference between Ashburn and Brambleton.  We were stopped by this amazing couple who just turned out to be the former 1st councelor of another stake that just moved into that area!  they drove us to their home and we shared a great message with them.  it was awesome!!  We were being lead by the spirit to be in the right place at the right time.  they have been married for almost 9 years but do not have any children yet.  They have told us that they will 'adopt' us and we will be their nanay and tatay.  they are the sweetest couple.  They are awesome.  We had originally gone to that area to hopefully find a taxi drive we met on the way to the temple.  So far we have found a handful of new investigators and the coolest part is that the driver is now an investigator.  Cooler than that, he has a son who is 19 who is deaf and knows sign language!! I get to use sign.  It is really hard having to think in 3 languages at the same time. but it works..  Jeric (the son)really opened up when he knew that I sign.  It is hard because I have not used it a long time but it was the most amazing feeling getting to testify in all of my languages of the truthfulness of our message!!  I love it!!!!!!!  We will see them tomorrow!!!!!
Getting a little bit stressed with the new area but I think it is just the nerves and we just need to get into the area. Excited to jump head first into the area. 
I am doing healthy.  The rainy season in now in full swing.  Definitly cooling off a lot more! 
I love the work!!!!

Life is good.  Change is fun.  God is great.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Just another manic Monday

Monday June 16, 12:31 am EDT.   Just Another Manic Monday

yes i just mentioned a babalonian song.  but that is what we feel like every monday which is our pday..  Super crazy having to get everything done.  but the work is good!

P-days include of waking up early to sometimes get some of our laundry done before 7.  The Filipinas are doing all of their wash, while us americans just do the stuff that we can/want to do and get the rest taken to the labandera.  We then get ready. study.  email. grocery shop.  clean the house.  and other random things all before 6 when we are back to work.

One of the good things happening in our district is that we have set new goals for oyming .   I can really testify that as we keep a good outlook and attitude about this work we will see such rich and rewarding blessings.  In our lives and in others lives as well!  Our baptism for this week is so incredibly prepared.  Luis understands so much and is putting in his plans to enter the temple as soon as possible and then to be sealed as a family.  He is a part member and father of these 3 adorable young kids that will be raised in a home where the gospel is not only taught but lived!   How blessed and glorious is this work and how great it is to be a servant of the Master during this outpouring of the Spirit!!

The Stake Conference was so great!  I don't know if it was all of the Philippines or just part.  But Elder Cook presided from SLC and there was also.  Bishop Davies.  Elder Teh, and Sister McConkie.  Spiritual Feast!  Although it was really far from our actual area, we had a less-active come to church for the first time in 2 years.  We had a Spirit filled lesson this week with him about repentance, and then another great lesson with a recent-convert family member (she was baptized in Hong Kong)  and he stayed for the entire lesson!  When they arrived at conference, His mother thanked us and began crying that he had chosen to come to church, and that through her prayers and fasting she has witnessed a miracle.  The Spirit touched his heart.

I am so blessed this week!! I am enjoying every day that the Lord has blessed me with.  God is at the Helm of this work!
I learned so much from the prayer of Alma in Alma 31.  At first he was asking the Lord to change the other wicked people at times complaining. But the change comes when he then chooses to let the Lord mold and change him into the missionary that he needs him to be.  Christlike.  Alma then prays for the Christlike Attributes that we each need to accomplish this work. Wow! He is such a great example!

Life is good.  I made a mistake last week when I said that our house was owned by the mission 1st councilor it is actually our stake president who lives in the same sub division.  It is nice.  

Well we are of to go see SISTER MORENO and possibly her boyfriend who is from her first area.. I am soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NANAY!!!!!!!

well love from the Philippines.

Sister Bishop

P.S. strange things are afoot at the Circle K.. that is for shaun and rach.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love y'all

Monday June 10, 2014  6:02 am EDT.    Love y'all

Why hello everyone!

I am in Paranaque! Paranaque 4th ward to be exact.  I am having a really fun time and really starting to love the area. It is supper different than my last area and I am already getting close to the members. We were able to just have our amazing temple day. It was so rewarding to be able to go to the temple. I am so thankful for all of the blessings that I have received from being able to spend so much time in the temple. Something that thousands of missionaries do not get to do. I cherish the revelation that I have received from the temple. 

The ward is good. I have been able to meet with quite a few of the members. The ward is very big so that is fun. A lot of the active members live in the nice subdivisions.  It is a nice area to be in.  

We are progressing one of our investigators, Luis, towards baptism on the 21st. He is super prepared. Very insightful about the Book of Mormon. (he completely understood and explained the doctrine of the Allegory of Zenos!) He is great. He is a part member and has these 3 kids who are supper dupper cute!  (the 3 month old boys are twins)

I am companions with Sister Jandoquille. It is a lot of fun with her... we are batch!. We are doing good in our area. I can really feel the Spirit when we teach, which makes me feel like we are accomplishing our goals.  She is from Ilo-Ilo (ilo-ilo) and is super sweet.  

Some of the blessings that I have seen this week come by way of Tagalog. I had been questioning my progression with Tagalog and everything. But I come her and I realized how much I have really grown with the language and understanding. 

One of my roommates is from West Jordan, UT and knows some of my friends from back at school!  small world! She is amazingly sweet. Our bahay (house) is supper fun.  

Mentioning our house.  WE LIVE IN A HOUSE....  not just a small apartment.  or even a big apartment.  I mean a house.  It is owned by the 1st councilor of the Mission Presidency who is in Palawan.  It is really nice.  our bedroom for just me and Sis. J. is bigger than my first apartment in Manila...  

Some of the huge blessings has been with trying to find the Part- Members in our area.  Sis J. has only been here for 6 weeks so we are both relatively new to the area.  We have already had success with trying to teach them.  One of them is Jene.  She is sweet and the mother of 2.  She took a little bit of time on Monday to let us in to talk.  But we gave an intro to the Restoration and Eternal Families.  She really liked our message and agreed to have us come back to teach on Wednesday!  I am trying to do my best to be super excited for the area.  It is the best way to do it.  Really it is the only way to do it!!  I am having fun..   

Our area wise is really big.  So we spend a ton on tricycle far.  That is okay..  It works out in the end.  

Sister Moreno comes back this month.  So she said she will make time to try to work with us!!  Good times.  

The Lord is blessing us tons here in the Philippines!! I am so grateful for all the opportunities that the Lord has put in our path.  He shows us how much he loves us in so many ways.  

This week we have been studying about our authority and power.  I am really seeing the miracles happen through it.  We have a ministerial certificate, but we are really able to apply it as we tell people we are representatives of Jesus Christ.  Doors Open!   

I am reminded of one of the comments that dad would always say: "Remember who you are and why you are here." 

Mahal ko po kayo! 

Sister Bishop

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oceans apart

Mom sending her love from Massachusetts - across lands and oceans - love you Becca

Hello family

June 2, 2014  12:58 am. Hello family

Hello everyone!

Crazy week this one..

We had an amazing missionary devotional with Elder Christensen on friday.

We moved on Saturday.

All the missionaries bore our testimony in sacrament meeting.  Masaya naman ang tagalog

It has been a harder week for teaching with all of these days away from our area and stuff. 

one of our investigators: Helen, and her two daughters (one of whom is our inv. and was her birthday) came to church!!

It was a good week.

I am so amazed by everything that is happening here in my life.

I got our copy of General Conference and it is amazing!!

I am so blessed by the people here. 

I will be forever changed by my mission.  I am not the same person that I left with.  I am so blessed by what I know now.  

I love being a missionary!!!!

Sister Bishop

Monday, May 26, 2014

One year?!

May 26, 2014. 12:53 am EDT.   One year!?

Great WEEK!!!

We only have a short time this week, but it was so good


-Baptism of Aimee and Zaira!!
-a few rain storms, no huge typoons yet but we are getting close.
-feeling healthy 
-Missionary Devotional this Friday with Elder Craig Christensen!
-Fe (an investigator) finally came to chruch

Sorry not too much time!

But I got my package!!
The problem with the flash drive now is that the songs are not adapted to music... so they don't play!

P.S. read our search for happiness!! so great!!!

I love all you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.S. I have been out for 1 year in the Philippines!!

Love always!

Sister Bishop