Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love y'all

Monday June 10, 2014  6:02 am EDT.    Love y'all

Why hello everyone!

I am in Paranaque! Paranaque 4th ward to be exact.  I am having a really fun time and really starting to love the area. It is supper different than my last area and I am already getting close to the members. We were able to just have our amazing temple day. It was so rewarding to be able to go to the temple. I am so thankful for all of the blessings that I have received from being able to spend so much time in the temple. Something that thousands of missionaries do not get to do. I cherish the revelation that I have received from the temple. 

The ward is good. I have been able to meet with quite a few of the members. The ward is very big so that is fun. A lot of the active members live in the nice subdivisions.  It is a nice area to be in.  

We are progressing one of our investigators, Luis, towards baptism on the 21st. He is super prepared. Very insightful about the Book of Mormon. (he completely understood and explained the doctrine of the Allegory of Zenos!) He is great. He is a part member and has these 3 kids who are supper dupper cute!  (the 3 month old boys are twins)

I am companions with Sister Jandoquille. It is a lot of fun with her... we are batch!. We are doing good in our area. I can really feel the Spirit when we teach, which makes me feel like we are accomplishing our goals.  She is from Ilo-Ilo (ilo-ilo) and is super sweet.  

Some of the blessings that I have seen this week come by way of Tagalog. I had been questioning my progression with Tagalog and everything. But I come her and I realized how much I have really grown with the language and understanding. 

One of my roommates is from West Jordan, UT and knows some of my friends from back at school!  small world! She is amazingly sweet. Our bahay (house) is supper fun.  

Mentioning our house.  WE LIVE IN A HOUSE....  not just a small apartment.  or even a big apartment.  I mean a house.  It is owned by the 1st councilor of the Mission Presidency who is in Palawan.  It is really nice.  our bedroom for just me and Sis. J. is bigger than my first apartment in Manila...  

Some of the huge blessings has been with trying to find the Part- Members in our area.  Sis J. has only been here for 6 weeks so we are both relatively new to the area.  We have already had success with trying to teach them.  One of them is Jene.  She is sweet and the mother of 2.  She took a little bit of time on Monday to let us in to talk.  But we gave an intro to the Restoration and Eternal Families.  She really liked our message and agreed to have us come back to teach on Wednesday!  I am trying to do my best to be super excited for the area.  It is the best way to do it.  Really it is the only way to do it!!  I am having fun..   

Our area wise is really big.  So we spend a ton on tricycle far.  That is okay..  It works out in the end.  

Sister Moreno comes back this month.  So she said she will make time to try to work with us!!  Good times.  

The Lord is blessing us tons here in the Philippines!! I am so grateful for all the opportunities that the Lord has put in our path.  He shows us how much he loves us in so many ways.  

This week we have been studying about our authority and power.  I am really seeing the miracles happen through it.  We have a ministerial certificate, but we are really able to apply it as we tell people we are representatives of Jesus Christ.  Doors Open!   

I am reminded of one of the comments that dad would always say: "Remember who you are and why you are here." 

Mahal ko po kayo! 

Sister Bishop

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