Monday, June 30, 2014

pm3 (Philippines Manila missionaries)

pm3 (Philippines Manila missionaries)  Monday June 30 1:53 am EDT 

so pm3 is Sister Jandoquile's band that she says that we will put together when we are all rm's...

Hi family & friends!

how is it there where you are?  life is good here... having fun.
It has rained a good amount this week, and so the work has been slow to progress.  It is hard to proselyte when no one is out side..................

We had exchanges which really help our work, but are just a lot to worry about..

The work is going well.  We had difficulties getting investigators to church... which means no baptisms in July....  We have good plans and goals for August!!

As for other news.... We have a new mission President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President and Sister Ostler are here!!

They are so cute.
They have a 14 year old son caleb with them.

We have a full mission meeting with the new mission president & wife on Wednesday, and then personal interviews on friday!

So exciting!

Well i love you all.

mahal kita!

Sister Bishop

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