Monday, June 16, 2014

Just another manic Monday

Monday June 16, 12:31 am EDT.   Just Another Manic Monday

yes i just mentioned a babalonian song.  but that is what we feel like every monday which is our pday..  Super crazy having to get everything done.  but the work is good!

P-days include of waking up early to sometimes get some of our laundry done before 7.  The Filipinas are doing all of their wash, while us americans just do the stuff that we can/want to do and get the rest taken to the labandera.  We then get ready. study.  email. grocery shop.  clean the house.  and other random things all before 6 when we are back to work.

One of the good things happening in our district is that we have set new goals for oyming .   I can really testify that as we keep a good outlook and attitude about this work we will see such rich and rewarding blessings.  In our lives and in others lives as well!  Our baptism for this week is so incredibly prepared.  Luis understands so much and is putting in his plans to enter the temple as soon as possible and then to be sealed as a family.  He is a part member and father of these 3 adorable young kids that will be raised in a home where the gospel is not only taught but lived!   How blessed and glorious is this work and how great it is to be a servant of the Master during this outpouring of the Spirit!!

The Stake Conference was so great!  I don't know if it was all of the Philippines or just part.  But Elder Cook presided from SLC and there was also.  Bishop Davies.  Elder Teh, and Sister McConkie.  Spiritual Feast!  Although it was really far from our actual area, we had a less-active come to church for the first time in 2 years.  We had a Spirit filled lesson this week with him about repentance, and then another great lesson with a recent-convert family member (she was baptized in Hong Kong)  and he stayed for the entire lesson!  When they arrived at conference, His mother thanked us and began crying that he had chosen to come to church, and that through her prayers and fasting she has witnessed a miracle.  The Spirit touched his heart.

I am so blessed this week!! I am enjoying every day that the Lord has blessed me with.  God is at the Helm of this work!
I learned so much from the prayer of Alma in Alma 31.  At first he was asking the Lord to change the other wicked people at times complaining. But the change comes when he then chooses to let the Lord mold and change him into the missionary that he needs him to be.  Christlike.  Alma then prays for the Christlike Attributes that we each need to accomplish this work. Wow! He is such a great example!

Life is good.  I made a mistake last week when I said that our house was owned by the mission 1st councilor it is actually our stake president who lives in the same sub division.  It is nice.  

Well we are of to go see SISTER MORENO and possibly her boyfriend who is from her first area.. I am soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NANAY!!!!!!!

well love from the Philippines.

Sister Bishop

P.S. strange things are afoot at the Circle K.. that is for shaun and rach.

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