Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Nov 9, 2014. 11:10 pm EDT.   Weekly

This has been a great week.  We are going to the Philippines National Museum today for an activity with our zone.  so that will be way fun.
Yesterday we had a great dinner with our Bishop and the set of sisters in our ward. That was really fun.  Our Bishop is really young and really nice.  And also the son of our last bishop.
We had a few set backs with recent converts not being able to go to church yesterday.  but that will be okay hopefully!

Sorry that there is not much that we have done that was supper exciting. 
Oh wait. We had exchanges with the STLs... That was fun.  as they are supper nice.
Sister Pastor is in the mission choir.  (which is pretty much everyone...) so we also went to Buendia on thursday for practice.
John (our investigator) is awesome and came to church for the first time in our ward.  we taught him right after and he is doing really well!!
I love this work and now we are off to go to our zone activity!!!!! yippy!!
I love you all so so much!!!!!
Mahal Kita!!
Sister Bishop

Well. That happened quick...

Nov. 3, 2014  12:24 am EDT    Well.  That happened quick...

Can someone please please please tell me why time is going so fast.....  Novemeber... seriously..................

Well this week has had some pretty amazing miracles come into our little mission.  This friday,  we had a mission choir practice of some of our hymns.  Makes it awkward when everyone keeps telling you you wont be there.  That was followed by a missionary devotional with Elder Lynn G. Robbins and his wife and Elder and Sister Ardern.  Elder Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy was the speaker on "remember what way do you face"..  That was a spiritual feast of sorts. (:  

Then on Saturday, had Marjurie's Baptism.  It was a smaller baptism but it was really good as her sister April was a speaker and her brother, Aijay, was the closing prayer!  Gotta love these kiddos.  The service was really sweet.  The 4 of us sisters sang "when I am baptized".  I love that song as I always am reminded of my own baptism..  

Sunday at 10 we were able to go to the Kabihasnan Chapel (the stake center of Paranaque)  and we had a special meeting with Bishop & Sister Causse.  of the Presiding Bishopric!  Their french accents made me think of Liz and our trip to france before.  Bring on the Crepes and Nutella!!  At that meeting there was President and Sister Ostler (: So good to see them again.

That evening the Philippines Area had a special broadcast with: ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS and his wife (10 years ago he served for 2 years as the Area President).  Elder and Sister Robbins.  Bishop and Sister Causse.  Elder and Sister Ardern. and Elder and Sister Bowen.  Elder Oaks talked about a lot of things that the area can work on to establish the church.  He talked about a lot of things of the Filipino culture that are good and in line with the gospel culture, and many things that are not.  the other speakers mentioned quite a few times that he is a seer, and he knows and loves this people, so he will teach things that this people need to hear.  It was really such an amazing amazing blessing to see hear his words!!

This has also been a good week for finding prepared people.  We were able to find 6 really prepared people (4 are a part member family (the dad's brother is a member in our area-- referral from his wife!))  5 of them have baptismal dates and we are really excited for some of this new set of people to work with and progress towards baptism!

Life is crazy.  Yesterday as we were looking around after the meeting.  A young man stopped us and asked to talk to us.  He is an investigator of the APs and he lives in our area and was referred to meet us.  He had been looking for us as him and the APs were talking.  He kept making references to them in the lesson.  "Well, my friend Elder Obray and Elder Limocon......."  or "Elder Obray....."  haha he is really prepared but had not begun reading the Book of Mormon until yesterday.  He read the chapter we committed for him to read: Alma 32!  He texted us this morning to let us know that he just read.  That was a real amazing miracle.

Finally, I want to say that I had gotten a really bad sore throat this week which made all these things(choir, teaching, singing) really fun....  if anyone wants so send some extra prayers my way that would be nice.  but the work moves on!!!

Well I love all of you so so much!! 

Mahal kita 
Sister Bishop

Monday, October 27, 2014


Oct 27, 2014  12:27 am EDT      AHHHHHH

Well isn't life just crazy!!
This week has been not great by the way of teaching.  not because super amounts of being punted but just because practically each day we had to go somewhere.
Sunday: Women's Broadcast 
Monday: Immigration
Tuesday: District Meeting (our closest day to a full day of work)
Wednesday: Presidents interview at the Mission Home
Thursday: MRC in Quezon City (near the temple) for chest xrays (ps. no TB!) and I got sick that night with a stomach bug
Friday: Sister Pastor's Visa Medical Examination in Makati
Saturday: Baptism of Aijay
So as you can see from this nice list our week our work was a little bit less than we wanted our key indicators to be.  but that does not mean that we do not have to have a amazing time as we work!!
We had a great lesson with our ward executive secritary and his pregnant wife and her younger brother.  
We challenged Richard, her brother, to wrap a book of mormon and read the book of mormon everyday before christmas and give the scriptures as a gift to Christ.  he was extremly hesitant of doing the invitiation but he finally said yes after we were leaving.  We just saw him on our way to the computer shop as he was on his bike.  I asked if he read and he smiled and said yes!  so good to help him.  he is 16 and doesn't quite know if he wants to serve a mission (50/50)
We also had the baptism for Aijay that went really great this week.  We were worried that his testimony was not where it should be but he is all good.  a
His little sister Marjurie will also be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! this will be my last baptism in my mission.... She is really excited.
Lastly, we have a devotional with Elder Robbins on Friday and Church with Elder Clausse.  and then a live broadcast (i think from our stake) With ELDER OAKS!!! on Sunday!!!
Life is soooo good!
With Love Always
Sister Bishop

Monday, October 20, 2014

For-ev-ver for-ev-ver

So this has been a fun day.  Let us start by waking up at 4:30 so that we could be able to get ... fingerprinting done.  You know you are close to leaving when the government starts to tell you that you need to leave.  that was a long time.  it was cool though as we got to meet some of our "batch" that is serving in the San Pablo Mission.  They were super sweet.  One girl even knows Becca Redd (same dorm at byu i think) so that was cool to do. and also super nosebleed with all the engish..  we were all really hungry when we got back to Paranaque so the 3 sets of paranaque missionaries (us, the zls, and stls)  went to Mang Inasal, which is a really yummy filipino "fast food" resturant.  (you sit down but it is really fast)  Over all that was not the most fun trip but we got to meet a few people out of it who were not members and we got to explain what we are doing here.  even met a few members in the process...
With the whole working out the idea of me going home...  I am officially trying to change my outlook on the whole thing as saturday i think, I almost had a breakdown with one of my favorite recent converts when she kept mentioning me leaving.  I am trying to make the resolution that this will be okay and I need to start working out that whole thing.  I am really starting to get weirded out by how close it actually is.   I kept trying to say "malayo pa yan" but Sister Pastor talked to me for a while about it how close it is...   :|     
Life is doing pretty good by way of everything.  We found a super nice woman that we are teaching.  Her name is Gloria.  She is just 39 years old but suddenly 3 weeks ago she went blind.  She does not know what happened and because they are not finacially well off, they cannot go to a doctor.  Her husband works at construction.  So she spends all her day at home in their little itty bitty home waiting for him to come home.  Our first lesson was one of the most memorable lessons that I have ever had as the spirit was so so strong.  She was crying about how she does not know why God would do this/ if he is there.  She was so sweet.  The Spirit literally confirmed to me the answers to my prayers for such a long time.  I truly know by the Power of the Holy Ghost the reality of our divine nature and the Love that Christ has for us.  There were literally angels in the tiny room with us.  As we taught, tears were streaming down all three of our faces.  I am so grateful for my testimony and the strength I have received from that experience.  It was hard for me to see her struggles as blindness is one of my greatest fears. (see also Foundations of Leadership fall).... 
Then with Bing's baptism!!  This baptism was so so unforgettable (not like I could forget any of them)  She has such a strong testimony.  She is really excited to go to the temple with our R.C. Wennie  (she is the one I am really close with). She loves the gospel so much!!  She is in 2 Nephi and marks her "Ti Libro Ni Mormon"  -Ilokano  with great scriptures and loves sharing her insights from her studies.  She shared in her testimony how much she wants to share the gospel with her family in her province so they can be as happy as she is!!
With other people: Luis (our rc from June) and his wife just got their temple recommend.  He has filled out his "My Family" packet before we even taught him about it, and their little family of 5 is so adorable!  They are such a great family to know.
April is doing well.  After seeing her mom get really mad at the kids, it made me so grateful for the example of my absolutely amazing parents!!  I am a little bit bias (100%) to say that they are the best parents in the world.  as you can see just a tad bias...  :D
The work is going well!  really well.  There is the baptism for Aijay (April's brother) on Saturday.  and their younger sister Marjurie(10y.o) hopefully on Nov 1.
We have our amazing president's interviews this week!  and then a devotional with Elder Robbins!!
I am so happy for all that you guys are doing!!  I hope all of you know that you are all in my prayers always!!

Sister Bishop

This is AWESOME!

Hi all

This week was great!!! General Conference Highlights: All about personal REVELATION!!!
We have a baptism on Saturday for Delia "Bing" Cueva.  she is super duper excited!! 
Sorry not too much time.  Mom if you want to patch some of the email together that would be great and just send it to everyone. 
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Bishop
That is such a cool story about the Patriarchal Blessings.  They are so awesome.  Really cool story that the one Seventy shared about the difference that his Patriarchal Blessing played in his life.  No I did not go to the blessing itself.  waited outside. 
Thank you so much for all your help with my classes.  Classes start Jan 5.  Crazy how quick that will come. 
The bugs are pretty much under control right now.  I never had any problems and I don't know if it is because they are drisilk. One of the workers in the provo initiatory did tell me that my garments would be a protection on my mission. 
That is so great to hear about May!
And I am so glad to hear about gus that he is doing better!  Not going to lie I added him into my fast this past month :) Prayers are answered!
And of course I am excited about the Messiah.  Actually about singing, President Ostler is planning on a music thing and has requested that I be one of the singers.  and he put me in soprano!  ahh...... need the prayers!  I have no other news about that whole thing besides that I will also be in the choir I think...
So cool to hear about the temple and dad as a veil worker!  Is his work near or far from the temple!
Random: The Weekly Report (between g.c.) had a thing about a Alexandria (?) trek and it was so good to see parts of virginia. 
The thumb is doing a ton better.  I am just getting the bend farther.  It is sort of like when I had my knee, it just takes a little bit to get the bend all the way back. 
Delia "Bing" is great!! She passed her baptismal interview and is so excited!!  Her baptism will be on Saturday at 6.
And I love your insight so true.  Also Moses hands were upheld in the battle by Hur and Aaron i think.  Also made me think about the temple a little too!
Love you
Becca Boo!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Well that was fast...

October 6, 2014   2:51 EDT     Well that was fast...

So who here is super tired and super happy?  this girl!
We have been able to see some really awesome things happen this week.  One of the really amazing things was how Delia "Bing" our baptismal date on the 18th is opened up about some of the hardships that she has faced in her life.  This Gospel has truly changed her.  When she learned about proxy baptisms, she was so amazed and so excited.  She is progressing amazing and has been an investigator for about 1 month.  She is already in 2Nephi!
I am really having a great time.  The work is doing well.  This week is transfer week.  We have Zone Meeting tomorrow.  Sister Pastor and Sister Ariff (one of our roommates) are getting their patriarchal blessings tomorrow!  It is crazy how fast each day goes by.  At the beginning of my mission, I thought that each day lasted forever!  It is always crazy how much fun all this work is.  It is hard how as soon as you begin getting good at something, it changes or ends. 
Sister Pastor is doing well. We are doing really well.  Our apartment has dogs that belong to the stake president so we have some of these bugs that we are working to get out.  they have given 2 of the sisters itchiness.  Not so much fun.  We are getting on top of that.  We wish we could get rid of the dogs. 
General Conference is this weekend for us!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly excited to see it.  And they are broadcasting the conference in all the buildings in our stake so we don't need to travel the extra bit to see it.  and that will really help so that our investigators can see it!!
I love this work.  I am working to finish the Book of Mormon (again) also I am finishing d&c and PofGP.  by then end.  It is okay because reading durning the small free time we have has become my guilty pleasure on my mission!  Personal Study hours are the best!!
Well I love you all so much!!
We are never forgotten by the Lord!!
Sister Bishop <3

Monday, September 29, 2014

Well then things happened...

Sept. 29, 2104  2:15 am EDT       Well then things happened...  

So this has been another crazy week here...
It started out as a very normal very nice week actually Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of teaching and finding! Really, we found way more than we normally do and taught some great lessons.  Thursday was my last Zone Conference in the Mission.  Super bitter sweet.  We had some seriously great lessons about the Atonement, Courage/strength, Becoming Master Gospel Teachers, and the Spirit of Elijah. 
then on friday.  Started out with a great day.  Then we had the Apartment Couple.  Elder and Sister Northrup come by and do apartment checks.  Because Sister Bermiso and Sister Ariff were out teaching an early lesson.  I was the missionary in charge.  Good news we are the first apartment this entire transfer (over one month) to get a perfect score on our apartment cleanliness!  Yippy!  Then after they leave crazy things start happening. 
-we get locked out of our appartment in flipflops and me with out a nametag.  waiting for the sisters to get back.
-the fish i was frying to make sweet and sour fish just decided to not work...  annoying fish
-then after getting a brand new fan.  The front cage of it falls off as we are about to eat lunch.  I reach to un plug it and hearing something, I flinch and then accidentally cut my right tumb really bad in the blade of the fan.   After getting our stake president to take us up to Makati to the Hospital.  I was able to easily get 3 stitches in my thumb..  It is okay mom!  I feel fine now.  People just joke and ask questions with the gauze on my thumb.  I have learned from this experience more about gratitude.  I was reminded of stories from Grandpa Schmidt about the one about becoming "grateful for my fingers and my toes"  I have learned new ways to write, wash laundry, wash my hair,  eat and do a whole bunch of stuff!  We go back on Monday to get the stitches removed!  #itsjustafleshwound  :)
The week had some fun stuff happen in our appartment with having to make up our study times this week!  It was a fun week. we finished all of our studies and weekly planning. Saturday we did 2 hours of companion study and weekly planning (then having a baptism in our ward) and Sunday we had church, coordination meeting, studies, and then the makeup studies from Thursday.
It has been a long week but the Lord loves us all so much.
I am so excited for all that is happening in our lives.
I am grateful for my amazing parents, siblings, neices/nephews. 
I love you all so much!!
Sister Bishop #1
P.S.  about the family history stories.  I really want to find out more about the conversion stories of different family members.  I think that is where I want to start off my stories. thanks!!
P.S.S thanks mom and dad for getting the housing taken care of!
P.S.S.S the pictures will come after the mission