Monday, October 27, 2014


Oct 27, 2014  12:27 am EDT      AHHHHHH

Well isn't life just crazy!!
This week has been not great by the way of teaching.  not because super amounts of being punted but just because practically each day we had to go somewhere.
Sunday: Women's Broadcast 
Monday: Immigration
Tuesday: District Meeting (our closest day to a full day of work)
Wednesday: Presidents interview at the Mission Home
Thursday: MRC in Quezon City (near the temple) for chest xrays (ps. no TB!) and I got sick that night with a stomach bug
Friday: Sister Pastor's Visa Medical Examination in Makati
Saturday: Baptism of Aijay
So as you can see from this nice list our week our work was a little bit less than we wanted our key indicators to be.  but that does not mean that we do not have to have a amazing time as we work!!
We had a great lesson with our ward executive secritary and his pregnant wife and her younger brother.  
We challenged Richard, her brother, to wrap a book of mormon and read the book of mormon everyday before christmas and give the scriptures as a gift to Christ.  he was extremly hesitant of doing the invitiation but he finally said yes after we were leaving.  We just saw him on our way to the computer shop as he was on his bike.  I asked if he read and he smiled and said yes!  so good to help him.  he is 16 and doesn't quite know if he wants to serve a mission (50/50)
We also had the baptism for Aijay that went really great this week.  We were worried that his testimony was not where it should be but he is all good.  a
His little sister Marjurie will also be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! this will be my last baptism in my mission.... She is really excited.
Lastly, we have a devotional with Elder Robbins on Friday and Church with Elder Clausse.  and then a live broadcast (i think from our stake) With ELDER OAKS!!! on Sunday!!!
Life is soooo good!
With Love Always
Sister Bishop

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