Monday, October 20, 2014

This is AWESOME!

Hi all

This week was great!!! General Conference Highlights: All about personal REVELATION!!!
We have a baptism on Saturday for Delia "Bing" Cueva.  she is super duper excited!! 
Sorry not too much time.  Mom if you want to patch some of the email together that would be great and just send it to everyone. 
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Bishop
That is such a cool story about the Patriarchal Blessings.  They are so awesome.  Really cool story that the one Seventy shared about the difference that his Patriarchal Blessing played in his life.  No I did not go to the blessing itself.  waited outside. 
Thank you so much for all your help with my classes.  Classes start Jan 5.  Crazy how quick that will come. 
The bugs are pretty much under control right now.  I never had any problems and I don't know if it is because they are drisilk. One of the workers in the provo initiatory did tell me that my garments would be a protection on my mission. 
That is so great to hear about May!
And I am so glad to hear about gus that he is doing better!  Not going to lie I added him into my fast this past month :) Prayers are answered!
And of course I am excited about the Messiah.  Actually about singing, President Ostler is planning on a music thing and has requested that I be one of the singers.  and he put me in soprano!  ahh...... need the prayers!  I have no other news about that whole thing besides that I will also be in the choir I think...
So cool to hear about the temple and dad as a veil worker!  Is his work near or far from the temple!
Random: The Weekly Report (between g.c.) had a thing about a Alexandria (?) trek and it was so good to see parts of virginia. 
The thumb is doing a ton better.  I am just getting the bend farther.  It is sort of like when I had my knee, it just takes a little bit to get the bend all the way back. 
Delia "Bing" is great!! She passed her baptismal interview and is so excited!!  Her baptism will be on Saturday at 6.
And I love your insight so true.  Also Moses hands were upheld in the battle by Hur and Aaron i think.  Also made me think about the temple a little too!
Love you
Becca Boo!

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