Monday, October 20, 2014

For-ev-ver for-ev-ver

So this has been a fun day.  Let us start by waking up at 4:30 so that we could be able to get ... fingerprinting done.  You know you are close to leaving when the government starts to tell you that you need to leave.  that was a long time.  it was cool though as we got to meet some of our "batch" that is serving in the San Pablo Mission.  They were super sweet.  One girl even knows Becca Redd (same dorm at byu i think) so that was cool to do. and also super nosebleed with all the engish..  we were all really hungry when we got back to Paranaque so the 3 sets of paranaque missionaries (us, the zls, and stls)  went to Mang Inasal, which is a really yummy filipino "fast food" resturant.  (you sit down but it is really fast)  Over all that was not the most fun trip but we got to meet a few people out of it who were not members and we got to explain what we are doing here.  even met a few members in the process...
With the whole working out the idea of me going home...  I am officially trying to change my outlook on the whole thing as saturday i think, I almost had a breakdown with one of my favorite recent converts when she kept mentioning me leaving.  I am trying to make the resolution that this will be okay and I need to start working out that whole thing.  I am really starting to get weirded out by how close it actually is.   I kept trying to say "malayo pa yan" but Sister Pastor talked to me for a while about it how close it is...   :|     
Life is doing pretty good by way of everything.  We found a super nice woman that we are teaching.  Her name is Gloria.  She is just 39 years old but suddenly 3 weeks ago she went blind.  She does not know what happened and because they are not finacially well off, they cannot go to a doctor.  Her husband works at construction.  So she spends all her day at home in their little itty bitty home waiting for him to come home.  Our first lesson was one of the most memorable lessons that I have ever had as the spirit was so so strong.  She was crying about how she does not know why God would do this/ if he is there.  She was so sweet.  The Spirit literally confirmed to me the answers to my prayers for such a long time.  I truly know by the Power of the Holy Ghost the reality of our divine nature and the Love that Christ has for us.  There were literally angels in the tiny room with us.  As we taught, tears were streaming down all three of our faces.  I am so grateful for my testimony and the strength I have received from that experience.  It was hard for me to see her struggles as blindness is one of my greatest fears. (see also Foundations of Leadership fall).... 
Then with Bing's baptism!!  This baptism was so so unforgettable (not like I could forget any of them)  She has such a strong testimony.  She is really excited to go to the temple with our R.C. Wennie  (she is the one I am really close with). She loves the gospel so much!!  She is in 2 Nephi and marks her "Ti Libro Ni Mormon"  -Ilokano  with great scriptures and loves sharing her insights from her studies.  She shared in her testimony how much she wants to share the gospel with her family in her province so they can be as happy as she is!!
With other people: Luis (our rc from June) and his wife just got their temple recommend.  He has filled out his "My Family" packet before we even taught him about it, and their little family of 5 is so adorable!  They are such a great family to know.
April is doing well.  After seeing her mom get really mad at the kids, it made me so grateful for the example of my absolutely amazing parents!!  I am a little bit bias (100%) to say that they are the best parents in the world.  as you can see just a tad bias...  :D
The work is going well!  really well.  There is the baptism for Aijay (April's brother) on Saturday.  and their younger sister Marjurie(10y.o) hopefully on Nov 1.
We have our amazing president's interviews this week!  and then a devotional with Elder Robbins!!
I am so happy for all that you guys are doing!!  I hope all of you know that you are all in my prayers always!!

Sister Bishop

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