Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Well that was fast...

October 6, 2014   2:51 EDT     Well that was fast...

So who here is super tired and super happy?  this girl!
We have been able to see some really awesome things happen this week.  One of the really amazing things was how Delia "Bing" our baptismal date on the 18th is opened up about some of the hardships that she has faced in her life.  This Gospel has truly changed her.  When she learned about proxy baptisms, she was so amazed and so excited.  She is progressing amazing and has been an investigator for about 1 month.  She is already in 2Nephi!
I am really having a great time.  The work is doing well.  This week is transfer week.  We have Zone Meeting tomorrow.  Sister Pastor and Sister Ariff (one of our roommates) are getting their patriarchal blessings tomorrow!  It is crazy how fast each day goes by.  At the beginning of my mission, I thought that each day lasted forever!  It is always crazy how much fun all this work is.  It is hard how as soon as you begin getting good at something, it changes or ends. 
Sister Pastor is doing well. We are doing really well.  Our apartment has dogs that belong to the stake president so we have some of these bugs that we are working to get out.  they have given 2 of the sisters itchiness.  Not so much fun.  We are getting on top of that.  We wish we could get rid of the dogs. 
General Conference is this weekend for us!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly excited to see it.  And they are broadcasting the conference in all the buildings in our stake so we don't need to travel the extra bit to see it.  and that will really help so that our investigators can see it!!
I love this work.  I am working to finish the Book of Mormon (again) also I am finishing d&c and PofGP.  by then end.  It is okay because reading durning the small free time we have has become my guilty pleasure on my mission!  Personal Study hours are the best!!
Well I love you all so much!!
We are never forgotten by the Lord!!
Sister Bishop <3

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