Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Fourth Of July!

July 7, 2014 1:19 am EDT   Happy Fourth Of July!

Hello everyone!

Where has this week gone?  Seriously?!
First things first HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALSO BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VANESSA!!  (never forget the entire country celebrates your birthday;)
This week has been really fun.  Kind of crazy on some points, but way fun.  We were able to meet our new mission president on Wednesday!
We had this huge devotional where they spoke.  And all the metro manila missionaries were there.  It was kind of crazy becuase there were still a bunch of missionaires that I don't know because they are brand new..  It was cool to see some old friends too. Though it feels like we have all seen each other a bunch recently with different devotionals and such. It was so cool they are from mesa, arizona.
So during the closing remarks President Ostler brings up the point that he has checked blogs of philippines missionaries to find out more of what our lives are like.  He says that many people's blogs are not locked so he got to know many missionaries.  He then scans the crowd and says "Where is Sister Bishop?"  I then raise my hand tentatively, when he replies: "Well it is nice to finally meet you in person."  I was so shocked!!  All of the missionaries joked about it after and it was really quite funny.  It just scared me half to death for a second, because in the Philippines blogs are not a big thing.  but it continues to make me laugh.
We had our personal interviews with the Mission President.  Usually they are done in the nearest stake center, but because the Ostlers are all about family (did I mention that they have a 14 year old son with them (their youngest))  We were able to do all of them at the mission home!!
President Ostler is amazing.  And He knows Uncle Jim! as well as their family. as well as Grandpa!!  The craziest and most amazing part was when President Ostler mentions this to me.  He tells me that he also knew grandma really well and was in attendance at her funeral.  Not gonna lie I started crying in the middle of the kitchen as he tells me how amazing she was.  I could feel her spirit so strongly at that moment.  I could not believe that the Lord would bless me with such an amazing mission president.  He is litterally the kindest, sweetest, and spiritual man ever! (well besides you daddy!)  And they are BYU fans!
This has been a hard week with not much work that we have been able to get in.  There have been some hard moments but we are hopeful and prayerful and fasting-ful..  The Lord knows what his children need, and what they need is the gospel. 
We had some trials getting appointments in this week.  It is just hard when it feels like everyone is comparing you to other missionaries, which makes you wonder what you are doing wrong and why things are going slow.  BUT we are still really hopeful.  Singing helps and having such a supportive and fun companion makes ALL the difference!!
P.S. We had a flash flood in our area.  When we got out leaving one of our subdivisions, the flooding got up to above our knees!  Not gonna lie it was part gross and part really really fun!
We are doing well.  The Lord is at the helm!
I am so grateful for the scriptures!!
Thanks for all of your support and love this past week.  You are all in my prayers. 
Sister Bishop

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