Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Weekly         July 23, 2014  1:48 am  EDT

Things that made me supper happy this week:
-having new areas that have a bunch of people we can teach
-my supper awesome companion
-having investigators come to church
-working with investigators (she is 16 and worked with us all day)
-receiving emails from all of you
-having people make the weirdest looks when they hear you speaking tagalog
-not having problems with the weather... too much
-becoming a godmother with Sister Jandoquile. (our kabahay (roommate) just got a new baby comp.  so we take over role as Ninang.  :) she is New Zealand
-getting new missionaries in our district
-a baptism for a 8 year old in our ward who is sooo sweet! has an amazing testimony
-seeing the face of our investigator April (the one who worked with us) when she knew she will be baptized on August 23
-getting hugs from investigators/members that are sisters
-having members be supper happy that they now have sisters in their area!

Some... other things
-hearing favorite songs when you are a missionary
-getting sort of sick after a supper long taxi ride from the temple with many jerkings due to rediculous traffic....
-having our new progressing areas being squatter areas....
-being called 'white-y'
-having what feels like everyone tell you they don't want to be baptized 
-being supper tired
-not having any time on our p-day to do anything as we waited for a taxi for 90 minutes then traffic on the way there and back.....
-having our new baby lose her money..  around 2000+ pesos... around 50 dollars..
-using soooo much money on rides to and from our area!!!!!!!!

Well, life is crazy. It is so much fun! had such a great time at the temple.  It was raining but really fun!
Having some great experiences with working in some of our new areas.  we have such great recent converts and investigators that want to work with us.  It is ... fun .. having to follow up with the elders as we don't really know where we are going... to visit the people they ask us about.... that is why our members are awesome.
The work goes on.  I realize that this is now all I know... I don't know anything else..
Sister Bishop

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