Monday, July 28, 2014

Another rainy P-Day...

July 28, 2014  5:12 am EDT   Another Rainy P-Day... 

Hello everyone!
This is another fun... Pday.  We had a brown-out (our term for black out) for a couple hours so we pushed back our emailing time.  It always amazes me how the people here can continue to do exactly what they normally do even when there is storms out..
This week has been good. 
Did I mention that our progressing areas are squatter areas.  But they are really great.  Sometimes difficult too but never too hard to not make Sister Jandoquile and I laugh.
Some of the Blessings that came this week.
-hearing that investigators have desires to be baptized and are working on their Law of Chastity problems before their baptism.
-having a "normal area's" numbers aka that we can look at our area as not one that is struggling..
-having our less active that is going to church and preparing to go to church invite us to a big FHE (did i mention he is an awesome chief) and going to prepare a bunch of seafood dishes
-working with investigators that are awesome!
-planning to print a tshirt with Sister Jandoquile with a bunch of our quotes on the back
- Going on Splits with some of our members last night and able to get in around 7 lessons in 3 hours!
-having a ward activity
-meeting some of the less actives for the first time in our new areas
-hearing that a poor recent convert is supper dupper strong in the gospel and is working to get her grown kids more interested

Some of those other moments..
-Not knowing when the poorer investigators working on getting married will be able to get all the money they need for their wedding licenses... bummer
-having the Nolasco kids miss church because there is a really really difficult problem in their family. (Sister Jandoquile visited last night and hopefully it will all go alright)
-hearing "Babylonian" music everywhere  #goaway
-having my pineapple stolen......
-being poor missionaries..  we are working on getting some of our traveling expenses reimbursed
-being rejected is never fun but happens pretty much everywhere
-hearing even more random names that people have for me..

This week has been pretty awesome as I was able to learn a lot from some of my scriptures study in Alma! The preparation missionaries have is really great.  I am still working on making it better into true worship and devotional time. 
I am realizing towards the end of each day.  That no matter how hard we work, we are still at the Lord's will.  That He is our strength.  I also think that is why we have companions.  Someone to talk/laugh with. Be accountable to.  This is truly the Lord's work
Random thought.  the person next to me at the computer shop is playing a song all about baboy meaning pig/pork....  that is the entire song... I can't help but laugh #what?!  seriously what happened...
Who knows what this week will bring, but we are super excited! 
I am grateful for the blessings of the temple.  These are our ultimate goal here on earth. 

 We still struggle sometimes to get less-actives out to church, but we will be blessed to witness the return of a really great returning member next week.  Alex is changing his life that he had turned to when he was in his early 20s and is so much happier from what I can tell! He is reading the Book of Mormon and explaining what everything is meaning.  We are grateful that we can always count our blessings.

I am grateful for the blessings the Lord is pouring out upon our companionship.  I am in profound awe of his kindness and goodness that He shows us in this work. 

We are grateful to see investigators changing their lives and testifying of the truthfulness and divinity of the Book of Mormon!
Sister Bishop

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