Monday, August 4, 2014

"Let's go to the mall…today" -himym

Aug. 4, 2014   12:29 am EDT.     "Let's go to the mall…today" - himym (how I met your mother)

So, this week we have had/ are having 4 FHE's in 3 days...  
1 on saturday night.  we had a blast.  It was at our recently returned less active's house who lives with his supper dupper active mother (nanay becca) and another active family! Also our bishop and his wife was there.  Our first counselor, his wife and 2 adorable kids.  Some of our other random members and April (our amazing part member who will be baptized on the 23rd)
2 Sunday at 6 with our ward mission leader, the missionaries, and ward missionaries.  It was fun and good times. Followed by:
3 Sunday night at 7:30. us four sisters made our way to our EQP and had FHE there.  It is cool because his wife was Sister Jandoquile's young women president when she was younger.  small world.
4 tonight with the Go family.  They are super nice and I love them bits 'n pieces.
Other cool things that will happen today.  We have an appointment for a family that the kids are friend with our 10 y.o recent convert, Jerlyn.  Jerlyn is really shy but she opens up around people who she is comfortable around.  Thank goodness we fall under that category.  So that will be fun. 
We are going to the SM (a mall franchise here in PH).  I need a new umbrella as my last one broke.  Hopefully this will be the last time that I need to buy one.  This is I think my 5th umbrella... yeahhh... Sister Jandoquile needs new rubber shoes.  And we have a few other random things to find: pens paper tape.... you get the picture..
We are having a good week by way of work.  We are not getting chastised for the lack of progressing investigators anymore by our district leader...  So that makes for a happy missionary.
We are getting very comfortable in our companionship.  We are good friends and we have a blast with random quotes... "Scoop it! just scoop it...." So all in all that makes work go by much faster. 
I have still not gotten totally used to the whole people staring at me.  I most of the time just laugh when I see people's reactions when they see me...
As for a bit more somber note: the Nollasco family took a hard hit last Saturday.  This is April's Family.  They have 7 kids.  April is the oldest at 16 and the youngest is 1 turning 2. They don't have too much by way of finances but they are happy. the trouble hit when their mother left and has not come back.  They know that "lumipat siya ng bahay" or she moved houses to another family..  the dad has taken it really hard.  They know that God has a plan for them.  Including the kid's grandmother coming to help with their family.  Good thing because she is very active, but very old.  That has sparked some of the other Nollasco families that are in our area and less active to come to church yesterday.  Keep them in your prayers!
The work is good!
I love how when I can read the scriptures, we come to get to know our Heavenly Father better.  We learn or his mercy, grace, and justice.  We learn of his pattern with teaching his children.  I love that God is the same yesterday today and forever!!
I don't know if I mentioned this in any of my earlier emails from this area.  But Sister Jandoquile and I sing the Tagalog hymns for companionship study.  It just makes my day a little bit more "brown" as liz would say..
Trust God and Believe

Sister Bishop

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