Monday, August 11, 2014

Frozen part 2 :))

August 11, 2014  12:40 am EDT   Frozen Part 2 :))

We sisters have made a miracle happen this week!  We are watching Frozen!  Our District leader was not thrilled at first when we gave that suggestion, but miracle of miracles.  District activity Today at 2 at the chapel!
The sisters are bringing a few deserts and such... I don't know what the elders are all doing..  We will see what will happen!!
Not gonna lie, we are super excited. 
We are having a great time in our area!  Our area is improving a ton.  Having baptisms coming up, investigators coming to church!, part members preparing for baptism while their parents are returning to church, less actives living the word of wisdom and keeping other commitments!
We had an interesting visit this week with a very long less-active who has turned to another church that makes it a point to try to propagate anti-mormon stuff.  It was hard because she told us how she pretty much hates the church, J.S., the Book of Mormon, and even temples.  The Temple was one that was hard to hear her disregard as that is such a foundation to my testimony.  I love the knowledge that I have of temples. I KNOW IT IS TRUE! We (Sister Jandoquile and I) talked after ward and shared how when those things happen, we need to build up our own faith to let it be a leaping stone not a stone of stumbling.
I am grateful for the scriptures.  I have been studying how the Bible and the Book of Mormon work hand in hand.  It is really a "marvelous work and a wonder"
The Lord is at the head of this church

We are calling upon Him to help us and he WILL provide
Oh and it has been weirdly sunny lately, I miss the rain...   It is almost like it is summer with the lack of rain these past few days..... not cool....
Well love from Paranaque

Sister Bishop

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