Thursday, September 11, 2014

Well That Was Fast

Sept. 8, 2014  12:54 am EDT       Well That Was Fast

This week has been absolutely way way way too fast.  The work this week was hard to schedule as we had temple day on wednesday.  We were supposed to be at 2 but got pushed back to the 3 time slot so we had very little time this week to do stuff. 
So Liz had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a crazy year for the Bishop Sisters........  so many babies.......  It is great knowing that all of them are doing well!!  Good Luck Rachel and Baby Hughes!!
We had an amazing amazing mission tour.  One of the great things that I learned is that we need to spend more time with the scriptures.  Personal Study is supposed to be personal.  This is OUR time to become closer to the Lord.  We need to focus on our spiritual developement.  Also that we need to learn something everyday and write it down.  That is were I have really slacked on my mission.  Writing in my Journal.........  Sorry mommy............
We are working really well and we are going to be completing and returning a family to activity.  The Nolasco (#2) Family.  They are the uncle and aunt of April.  The parents were less active and are now returning and the 3 oldest boys (age 16, 13, and 10) are being baptized on the 20th.  They are great.  We are going to have fhe with them tonight and it is their oldest's birthday.  Yeah for fun times in the Philippines. 
I got some packages this week!  One from Liz. and can I just say that I am so glad that you are my sister ;) And another from mom and dad.  They always make me feel so loved!!
The work is going great.  We are meeting more people.  We are trying to work on our finding efforts.  Even more in our middle class areas.
I love what the Lord said about the Little Ones.  To bring them to him. As we all become as little children, we are led back to the arms of the Savior and Blessed. 

With Love Always!
Sister Bishop
P.S.  I colored my hair with the dye that I used before my mission, it is darker than I expected but it will fade my hair by the time that I go home to my natural color!  my hair was lightened to a redish color because of the sun....... not a good look on me...  random thought!!

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