Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Sept. 1, 2014. 2:45 am EDT    Week!  

Ahh this week has been so crazy!!
So saying goodbye to Sister Jandoquile was supper difficult.  She is now serving in Bonifacio 2nd ward.  I miss her tons but we got companion t-shirts and they won't come in until this week... no pictures.. yet.....
So my new anak is SISTER PASTOR!!  She is filipina from vigan.  She is supper supper nice.  the cool thing is she is actually called to the Australia, Melbourne Mission!!  She is a visa waiter and will be here for another 5-8 months. 
We are so so happy! our apartment now has 2 babies and our district has 3.  It is so much fun seeing the work progress.  I miss Sister Jandoquile, but Sister Pastor and Sister Bishop (#falsedoctines)  are going to do some crazy awesome things.. 
This week was fun as we are able to see some really cool things happen.  We got a member referral.  Super prepared.  She has gone to church a lot of times and some members thought that she was already a member!
Also, We had a bird fly into our room during companion studies today... P.S.  when that happens yes the first thing you are going to worry about is if it will poop on your bed..... that lasted about 10 minutes..... we finally got a window open and it flew out..
We got to work with April (our recent convert) and the twin of our former ward missionary Jove.  Jen is a great and amazing.  She is working right now to help support Jove on her mission in Tacloban.  She is only available on Sundays, but has plans to work with us every Sunday!  She is so amazing.  And so is April who helped most of her siblings get to church too!
I love the work!
I am working on making sure I have on a 24/7 smile!  It really does change my outlook on everything.  Even if things are not going the way you exactly want it all to go,  just SMILE!!!  The situation does not always change (though sometimes it does!) But we, ourselves, are changed.  Our very nature is changed as we give God the only thing that He does not already have.  Our WILL.  Everything else, He has already given to us (our lives, our time, our talents) except our will.  That has always existed.  Our intelligences and our will is all we have left to give our Heavenly Father.  That is what He asks us to give to him.  If we will just give up our will and surrender to him; WE WIN!
I am so grateful for all the Lord is blessing us with in our mission!!!!!!
Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Bishop

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