Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

Monday Nov 4, 2013  1:11am

Hey guys

So where has all of the time gone!!! Is it seriously November already.  Time seems to move faster and faster.  It feels like I was just commenting that it was crazy that it was October already.  Oh well.  

Any who.  This has been a... week.  It started out last week after emails being able to go up to the temple.  I just love the temple.  It is truly my favorite place on earth.  I am always so amazed by how much I learn every time that I go.  I believe I get to go back the first week in December.  (Just so everyone aka mom is aware temple/pday is on tuesdays when we go).  Just a reminder.  I loved the temple so much.  

A spiritual experience that I had was last week, of course when we had our temple trip. I had been slightly stressed with how this week and next transfer will turn out. As I was walking out of our session, I had this overwhelming feeling that everything would be okay. That despite the challenges that we face, this is His work. He will help us and give us the strength and power. 

I saw the manifestation of this power when we were trying to see if a less-active on our ward directory still lived in his listed house (he didn't) but we met this man who is actually a teacher of the catholic religion at the University of Santo Thomas. He started questioning us and "testing us on our faith" as he said about who is Christ. He asked me how I could convince him that this was all true. As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt this overwhelming power come into me, I started speaking in much better Tagalog than I normally do, I was able to bare testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost as we read the Book of Mormon. It was such an amazing experience to see the scripture fulfilled that we "shall not be confounded before men."

It has definitely been a hard week.  Sometimes are much more stressful and seeming that it is not as successful.  With everyone being gone for Sembreak, days seemed to be much longer than others.  But that is okay.  It can always seem like there are excuses for not working as hard, but if we put the trust in the Lord, He will always make a way.  Granted we did not have a supper busy, or super high key indicators.  But it was a good week non the less.  

So some cool/crazy news is happening to our area.  

1) our ward is getting a second set of missionaries: elders
2) our area is going to be split. our boundaries are kind of confusing because it is the entire stake and they gave us the safer areas... so it is really odd.
3) our zone is getting split.  currently i think we have around 35+ missionaries in our zone.  so on transfer day we are being split.  I don't really have any more info than that.

Oh did I mention that I am not transferring.  Sister Montera and I are both staying here in the ward.  Elder Washburn, our district leader, told me that President Stucki probably wants me to stay here during the changes to the area to help assist all of the changes and the Elders who are shotgunning.  Yippy!  

The good news is that I will be able to see some of my investigators who I started with Sister Montera baptized.  Jane (she is absolutely amazing and I will talk more about her next week), and Charles (everyone in his family got baptized except him.  Completed Family in the MYSA ward!!).  So that is exciting.  

I love this mission!!

Miss all of you tons!

Love always,
Sister Bishop

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