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Rebecca's Safe Friday Nov. 8, 2013 11:40 pm

Friday Nov. 8 , 2013  11:40 pm

Hey family!!

So I am completely aware that this is not my p-day.  We have gotten permission for 20 minutes to send a letter to our family letting them know that we are safe.  There was this huge storm here in the Philippines. Monsoon. Luckily our area was really not effected at all by the storm.  No floods.  Not even that bad rain.  It at most it was normal (American normal too).  We were called in to our apartments at 8 o'clock.  It was barely drizzling where we were, so I honestly thought it had to do with something besides the weather.  We were able to get home really quickly.  So that was good.  As far as I am aware all of my district is safe and our area is doing completely fine.  It is actually really sunny right now, and kinda hot....  Supposedly there was some really bad weather in other parts of the country, especially down in the lower parts.  We are completely okay.  We really didn't exactly know what was going to be happening that last hour of the day, so we were able to get back really fast from our 7 o'clock appointment.  I have a baptism on Saturday so that is exciting.  Her name is Jane and she is great.  Once again, she is dating a member who is about to serve a mission, and she wants to too.  (Admix, Michelle, and now Jane :) ).  She has her interview tonight so that is supper exciting. She is so ready.  In other news our ward got a set of elders.  Not going to lie, it has been quite tiresome and at times frustrating.  They are great elders that will help progress the area, but it is a different type of area and I sometimes feel as they talk to me that they are not totally excited about it or understand what they are to do.  For me I love the area. I am kinda protective of it as this is where I was "born" and I have been here for almost 5 months.  But oh well. I love the area and am supper exited about everything that is happening here.  Like I said, I am safe and all is well! I love you all and miss all of you tons!!!

Boo aka Sister Bishop

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