Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey Everyone Monday Sept 9 6:30 am

(Rebecca had a brown out in the middle of writing her letter this week - so here is her second attempt)

So guess who got a baptism this week?! this girl!!!!

So my baptism was of an amazing girl named Ada.  She was able to have her uncle, who is a member, baptize her, and the rest of his family was able to come down to be there.  It was the most amazing experience watching her be baptized.  She is seriously one of those golden investigators who is so ready for the gospel.  She bore her testimony after and said how she knows that this is truly the one and only true church of God.  It has been one of the most amazing conversions because as soon as we started teaching her it seemed as though she was already a member!  We always would joke, Sister Moreno and I, that we were going to get to the baptism and she would tell us that she has been a member all her life... but it truly was one of the best moments ever.    

I have been blessed so much by her testimony and the change that she has made in her life.  I kept having the thought that this is what true conversion looks like and this is why I am on a mission and serving the Lord.   

This month we fasted and prayed that we would be able to get more referrals from members and our investigators.  And this week we got a ton!! We were able to contact a bunch of them and get them to become new investigators.  It is so great to see the blessing of the Lord in our lives as we follow his commandments.  As we follow the Lord, we have his promise that he will bless us and that he will help us with our challenges.  

The language is still coming along, I am still no where near being fluent or even somewhat close but it is a good thing that we are blessed with the Spirit and by God (also people understand taglish...)

Work is coming along really well, and I am having a lot of fun while doing it. I am in love with this ward and the people in it.  I am even getting more used to the city (even though I don't really like living in the city).  But everything is going really great and stuff.

Oh and I am going to the temple on the 17th, and the new video has made it to Manila!! We are so excited! we have a count down until we go to the temple haha.  

We are doing really well and the area here is so amazing.  Supposedly we are supposed to get a set of elders in our ward at some point so that will be... interesting.  We don't know how everything is going to work as we are in charge of the YSAs for the entire stake.  So that will be fun.  and I am really so excited to see the area really start to take off.  Who knows, this may just be the first of many YSA wards here in the Philippines.  Oh, have I mentioned that we are the only YSA ward in the whole Philippines.  Yeah, that is pretty cool :)

Well I love you and I love this work so much!

I hope that you are all doing well and I pray for all of you eveyday!

Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Bishop

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