Monday, July 15, 2013

Mahal Kita!

Monday July 15, 2013  7:51 am

Hey everyone!!!

It is so good to hear from you!
This will be a shorter email but it just remember how much I love you!!!

We have had some amazing help this week from members of our ward.  There are a bunch of people who are giving us referrals and/or helping us visiting/teaching.  It has been such a blessing and a lot of the sisters in our ward are wanting to serve missions themselves.

A lot of people here speak english and they understand when I talk in english.  But most respond or naturally communicate in tagalog.  That has been fun.... It is hard with the language barrier and keeping perspective that I will actually learn tagalog!  But that is something that will come with time I guess.  
That is where my spiritual note comes in.  I am amazed by how aware our Heavenly Father is in our lives as we study the scriptures. The chapter 26 and 27 of Alma came at the exact moment when I needed them and I am taking so much comfort from my studies.

Sister Moreno and I have been able to get a lot of new investigators and referrals so that is exciting.  It is cool to see how well some people are being prepared by the Lord.  Some people are a bit more difficult to teach but there are a few who are so receptive of our message and keeping commitments.  I love some of the people here!!!

I am doing well.  I can't think of any thing I need currently.  It will be fun to get some of your DearElders soon so I look forward to that! (keep sending them! I love hearing from you guys).  

The food here is really good.  I am getting more used to it and like it a lot!!

As I teach i has been such a blessing have a deeply rooted testimony in the gospel and then being able to testify of that.  It is very powerful to say that I KNOW that this church is the one and only true church of God.  I am able to see the change in people's expression as I say that.  The Holy Ghost then is able to testify of my words.  Baring testimony is in my opinion one of the best and most effective ways to teach in a lesson.  Just sharing that you know that something is true is so powerful.  

So on to a really cool story.  My mtc companion Sister Atata is a convert to the church for a little over a year (May 10 2012).  She is from a small island in the Pacific called Kirabati (pronouncd Kirabis).  Her family is cathoic and very against the church when when she began taking the lessons.  They even kicked her out.  She has been hoping that they will change their minds, but it seemed to no avail.  She has had the hope that one day they will receive the message of the gospel from the missionaries so that they can be together for eternity.  THAT DAY IS HERE!!!  She just emailed me saying the missionaries in her ward are now beginning teach her family for the first time.  She is so excited.  She told me "MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!"  I am so excited to see that and the blessing of her service is what is making that change.  

I love hearing all of your amazing missionary experiences as well!! Keep it up!! It is so worth it! 

I love you and I love this gospel so much!!  You are in my prayers!!!

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