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Tuesday July 23, 2013 12:25 am Almost One Month In The Field

Hello po everyone!!!!

So this has been a really good week in my opinion.  Sister Moreno and I are beginning to see some really good success in the area. 
We now have a couple investigators who have baptismal dates and who we are working on getting towards baptism.  A few of them have come to church.  We are seeing how much the ward really needs to be of help to missionaries for the work to truly progress.  Our best investigators are the ones who are referred by a member of the ward.  

Our ward has been a huge help here and it is such a huge benefit.  Our ward mission leader, John, is a 18 year old student who is planning on serving soon.  He goes 150% all the time when it comes to missionary work.  He is always going above and beyond our expectations.  Also, the sisters in the ward are amazing. We pretty much never have a lesson where a member is not present.  Sister May is one of the biggest help.  She pretty much works with us everyday from when we finish our studies to when we go home.  She is a Ward missionary and is absolutely amazing!!!

It is so important for people to really want to be learning and willing to accept the gospel, because if they are not ready personally, it really does not matter how many times that you say it is true until they are ready to accept that.  That is the difference that we are seeing with our investigators who are truly progressing.

I am getting better in Tagalog.  I am understanding more of what people are saying in lessons.  Outside of lessons it is much more difficult to communicate because they speak so much faster..... I am able to teach more of the lessons so that is fun.  But it is such a help that I am in the city and mostly with students because even if they respond and talk in Tagalog, I am able to teach in part english and tagalog.  Because they all know it.  

A cool experience we had in a lesson came when we we teaching a group of students who are younger around 16.  We call them the Batas because bata means kid in tagalog.  We were confused by how much they were wanting to be there and in the lesson we were focusing on the Book of Mormon when they were all sort of joking and laughing through parts of it.  All the sudden I felt this though come it to my head saying you need to get them to understand.  It kept repeating and getting louder.  So finally Sister Moreno finished what she was testifying about and  I was able to say what the Spirit had been prompting me to say.  It was so cool. I told them how this is not just a pretty message, but it is truth.  That Joseph Smith was only 14 when he prayed and he found out the truth FROM GOD.  They were amazed when I told them that I was only 19 and that I know with a surety that it is true.  It is so cool to be able to teach by the Spirit and teach what the investigator needs to hear.  I love being able to teach the youth of the church here in the Philippines as they are being so prepared to hear the word of God.  

All in all this week is really good.  We are about to be going to the Temple as a Zone so that will be really great.  I love the temple and I love this work.

My spiritual insight comes from this morning's readings.
Alma 48:11-3;17 
that if we would develop the qualities of Moroni, that the Devil will have NO power over us.  I just really like that.  I am beginning to see why we have the "war" chapters in the Book of Mormon as they apply to our days so much.

I love all of you so much.  You are all in my prayers!!!!

"Look unto me in every thought.  Doubt Not. Fear Not."
D&C 3:36

Love you 
Mahal Kita!!!

~Sister Bishop

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