Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monday July 8 - 5:50 am

Hey everyone!!!
So this is really crazy, but in less than one week I will be out in my mission!!!! I can barely believe it!!!
First off I am feeling much better.  I was really sick all thursday and friday last week with the flu, so I was able to stay in bed all day.  That was kinda nice.  But the funny part was on Saturday when I was feeling good, my companion wakes up very sick with more stomach pains like before.  So she stayed in bed all day.  Luckily one of the other girls in our room (there is 5 of us- one companionship of 3) has been really sick with a massive migraine for the past 3 weeks... So after lunch, I was able to go with the other 2 sisters on splits so we could all get to the rest of our classes.  So that was weird because I was not with my companion.  But she is feeling better now too.
Sunday was really good. We had a really good day of church.  One thing that our district has been doing in SundaySchool together is to each bare a short testimony and/or something we learned this week.  It was really powerful and great.  Our district is becoming really close and that makes everything much more awesome. And that night we watched the january mtc devotional from Provo with Holland.  It you every get the chance to find it, WATCH it!! it was so good :)
Monday was kinda average... classes... studying... more classes... more studying... you can get the picture.  But the people here are great and I am beginning to get to know some of the new batch.  There is proably 15 people in their class... 4 americans all from Utah. but they are really nice.
Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our investigators (and when I say investigators I mean one of our teachers) who is named Abigail.  she is a very tough investigator and does not use any english.  But we taught her and we were planning on teaching on the restoration, but after Sister Atata shared a scripture about baptism it was 2 Nephi 31:5-7 i believe.  They began talking about why we need to be baptized and at the end I was able to ask her to be baptized and she said yesss! it was a great feeling because the spirit was so strong in the room and leading the lesson so much.  Oh and we had a devotional with Elder and Sister Ardern who are in the 70 and it was such a good devotional!! We sang How Firm a Foundation which brought the spirit so much.  It was a really fantastic night
Wednesday came the really interesting day... WE WENT PROSELYTING AGAIN!! it was so much fun!  This week we went to the Quezon City mission which is were some of the people in my district are going.  But it was so much fun.  We took a lot of jimpney's that are these crazy bus/taxi/i dont know what you want to call them but they are insane.  Just look it up because it is really difficult to try to explain...  But our missionary who we  did splits with is a native and when we went to a less active man's home she basically only did the greetings/getting to know yous and answering any of his questions.  She told us we are going to teach the entire lesson which was probably a good 40 minutes.  It was really difficult and a lot of times we were stuck for a loss of words. But overall it was a really great experience.  It was fun to see how more of the Philippines. 
Other than that Thursday was kinda average again.  Not amazing by any means, but still really good.  I mean how bad can it be when I am on a mission.  The sad part of the day came when Sister Owens (who is in our district and one of my roommates) came to us saying that she will be going home on Friday.  She is the one who has been really sick with the dibilitating headache and it is getting worse.  So she left and that was a really hard part of the day.
So far today we have gone to the temple for the last time in the MTC.  I just love the temple sooo much and I have loved being able to go every week while here.  
Also, it is so much fun hearing from all of you.  It seems everyone is doing pretty well.  All of you are in my prayers and I miss you guys a ton!! I loved seeing all the pictures of what has been happening back where you guys are. it is so fun to see how everyone is and some of the things that you all are doing.
For the scripture, I was able to read Alma 7:23-24  all about Christ-like attributes.   I love this work and am so glad that I am able to serve the Lord for 18 months.  It is such a cool time to be a missionary.  I am seeing so many scriptures that say "the time of the Lord/the Kingdom is at hand."  it is cool to see it all in action. 
Well I love you alll and the next time I will write you all is in Manila!!!!
~Sister Rebecca Bishop~

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