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Hello Monday Aug 19, 2013 5:41

Hi everyone!!

I am in my second transfer!!! where has the time gone? there is still more time but after this transfer everyone keeps saying it goes really fast... They also say this is one of the hardest transfers.  

but anywho.  Guess who is in the middle of a flood right now?! This girl!
Not gonna lie the floods in the city are really quite gross.   There is trash and nastiness everywhere in the water. Last night when we were walking back to our apartment it was up to our mid calf or higher.  It is supposed to be raining pretty much this entire week.  So that is interesting for the work.  Well see what all happens with everything....

Thank you everyone for telling me more about everything and sending pictures! I love seeing them!! I am still currently working on trying to find a way to send mine....

So the work here is going really well!! We have these two amazing girls who are our investigators: Ada and Michelle.  These two are oh my goodness so prepared each is so excited for their baptisms this month.  They are the two that we are really focusing right now with their baptisms.  

They are each so excited and keep telling us they can't wait to be baptized.  Michelle has a friend (Elena) that we are just starting to meet with and all three of these girls came to church on sunday and they all said that they just want to be baptized! How cool is that!!

These 3 girls attended our ward fhe and so we were able to go. It was so much fun.  We had a really great lesson about the atonement and we played a bunch of games.  The YSAs here are just a lot of fun to get to know and work with.

This week has been harder with finding as there has been a lot of rain so school is suspended for that and the ysa's are just difficult for finding anyways.  But the work is still going forward.  It is still hard but we are doing some really great things.  I am still quite nervous with the whole Tagalog and everything but it really does get better when I am in the lessons.  Power of the Spirit!  I still just wish that I was fluent already so that would not have to worry me any more.  I just keep thinking that by the end of the mission everyone leaves knowing the language really well.  So hopefully I will be able to get better soon.  I really don't like not knowing how to actually talk to people in there language.... but it is fun when I am able to say something to them that I was not able to say before or just surprise them by saying something in Tagalog.  

I still find it so weird sometimes when I realize that I do not see any americans or white people who are not missionaries.  I think I have seen a total of 5 white people in Manila who are not missionaries!  That is quite an experience.  

It is cool to see how everything is going in our work and it will be cool once we have some baptisms this month!  So I am really looking forward to that.  The weeks are going by really fast!  
I also think that the days can be so long with so much to get done in each one.  

Oh and I am still healthy!!! my sleep is doing a bit better only a few nights is it not as great sleep.  But overall I still have enough energy!  Everything else is doing really well and I feel fine overall.  

My mission president is really big on exact obedience and so that is something that we are constantly trying to do better at and we can see a difference in our work.

Guys, I really hope all of you are doing well.  I miss you so much and I love hearing from all of you every week! It is so much fun reading the letters and seeing your pictures!! I promise I am trying to take a lot for all of you and even if it is only after the mission that you can see all of them it will still be worth it!!

I will be able to finish the Book of Mormon this month and make my goal!! I am already in the Book of Mormon (in the Book of Mormon hehe :) )!  So that is super cool.  I have loved reading about the Savior's Ministry in the Americas and it really truly is the crowning moment in the Book of Mormon.  It has become really special to me and I have gained so much strength from the Book of Mormon.  And it is cool to see the change that it can make in other's lives as well.  

Oh and I have been reading Jesus The Christ and it is such an amazing book!! I am already a fourth done and it has been so cool about getting to understand more of the life of the Savior.  Not gonna lie mom, I learned a ton of it from you and from your seminary ;)

Well, I love all you so much and I miss you guys!  You are all in my prayers.  LOVE YOU!!

Sister Bishop

P.S. if you can find it the talk/ quote from Gordon B. Hinckley called "We will work for the Glory of our Lord" is our mission theme and is really great! y'all should read it!!!

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