Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mahal Po kayo! Mon August 5 1:08 am

                                                                                                Monday Aug. 5 1:08 am

Hello America!!!

This has been a really great week over here in the Manila YSA ward!

We are progressing investigators some towards baptism.  We right now have Bro. Rayan, Bro Jay-Ar, Sis Dez, Ada, Sis Arianne.  All of our baptismal date investigators are referrals.  So that just shows you how important referrals are in missionary work! It is really fun and seeing everyone here grow and learn in the gospel.  For a cool missionary moment, the lesson with Ada was so amazing.  She is so prepared and it is not so much that she came into our path but we came into her's.  She pretty much kept the entire lesson flowing with questions that would lead perfectly to the next topic of Lesson 1: The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( Ang Pananumbalik Ng Ebanghelyo Ni Jesucristo).  When we got to Joseph Smith's First Vision she was saying that she had chills during it!  The Spirit was so strong and so cool to see her recognize the truth of the message.  She has texted us since asking for reading assignments.  She is so great!  After church I was talking to her friend Bmae  (pronounce Bee- May) and she said that Ada just kept saying she wants to be baptized!  So that was freaking awesome! Her baptism date is August 31 :)

The tagalog is coming along.  Not as fast as I would want it to be aka I am not fluent.... But it is coming.  It is really helping in our lessons and it is fun to see when I can get a phrase that I was not able to get before.  

My ward is so great and they provide us with a bunch of referrals, and because we are in the Manila Institute of Religion (MIR) building a lot (it is pretty much heaven aka Air-Con) we receive a ton of referrals there from people from all over the stake who go there!

I am beginning to like the food here so much more and am finding things that I like a lot.  One thing that the Philippines is amazing at is bread! they have such good rolls and such that I would be worried if they had a bakery type store closer to our apartment.  \

Our apartment is a small studio style and has a set of bunk beds and tile floor it is pretty nice comparatively 

I am in the middle of the city so it is actually quite loud most all of the time so that has been fun... to get used to..  But all and all it is going well.  The bugs I have been able to handle.

Oh!!! this week we had my first flood! Parts of the city came up to my knees so our day was not as productive.  It is cool to see how the city still keeps going even with all the water and rain.  Speaking of the rain: it rains everyday and just downpours for a quite a while and then will be done.  Sometimes more than once.  it is crazy.  gotta love rainy season!!

Well remember that i love you all!  I have to go! now but you are all in my prayers D&C 100:1!

Much love 
Sister Bishop!

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