Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello! Monday August 26, 2013

Hey guys!!!
So this has been an interesting week! So on Monday we went out to do our normal P-day activities and it had started to flood in the city so we just thought what ever of it and we get up the next morning and it is downpouring rain.  We didn't know if we should really be going outside.  But luckily a little later we got a text from the zone leaders saying that we all need to go home now and stay inside until further notice.  So not gonna lie we were really bored that day.  We can only watch the district videos, finding faith in Christ and the Restoration (which we don't even have).  So we tried watching FFiC in some random languages and stuff.  I made a fort out of my bed!!! it was pretty awesome and I have kept it up all week :D  That was an interesting day, but that is the life of the city.  I was just able to email you guys on monday before it got too bad and stuff.
But anywho.  The storm made the beginning of our week a bit slow as quite a few of our investigators were stuck in their province, and school and the MIR were closed.  The week was not off to an as good start but it picked up by the end with the last few days being a bit better. 
We relly a lot on the MIR and referrals from our ward so when we were not able to use a lot of resources the work was not as great.  But the work keeps going and it is really looking up for this week. 
We had a great missionary cordination meeting with our ward missionaries and ward mission leader.  being in a YSA ward is awesome and it is so fun.  In the district videos they say that your ward mission leader should be your best friend and you need to have a good relationship with your ward missionaries.  When ever I hear that I just think: check! Our ward is so amazing and the members are great!!!  Have I mentioned that our ward is the ONLY young single adult ward in the entire Philippines?! yeah that is pretty cool.  :D
So at church this week we had 6 investigators attend!!! that is supposidly the most that Sister Moreno has ever had on her mission.  We were so happy when they all came in. We picked up one brother: Raymond.  He is the one with our really cool meeting that I metioned a while ago.  And the others came by themselves or with a friend.  It was so fun to have our gospel principles class with so many people.  Our Gospel Principles class is taught by our Bishop.  He is really funny so that is a great way our investigators get to know him better. 
So our really great investigators who have a baptismal date this next month are Ada, Michelle, and Admix.  Ada will be baptized on the 8th and confirmed on the 15th.  Michelle moved up her baptism to the 14th/15th.  and Admix on the 21st/22nd.  These girls are so great and each is progressing so well!  I am so excited for my first baptism!!! these girls are so strong in the gospel already and have been so prepared for so long. 
Ada is really pretty much a recent convert and seems like she has always been a part of the church.  She is reviewing here in Manila for accountancy and is really busy, but always makes time to read the Book of Mormon. 
Michelle was a referral from the MIR because her boyfriend is actually serving his mission in Canada.  She is so amazing and has already said that she wants to serve her own mission.
Admix is 19 and is also dating a missionary serving in SLC.  It is really cool to see her grow more and more in the gospel, and prepare for her baptism.
So this week we have our Zone Conference and it last from 9-3 and it is quite far away with traffic and everything, so then we will get back and have studies.... no work on thursday.... :(  But I am excited to have our conference and see our Zone.  it is only our zone because ours is so big...
Oh and Liz I found out that Sister Jensen is in my Zone so I will meet her this week.  So that will be cool.  You can tell that to her brother.  and one thing that I forgot about is that I actually met a girl from your freshman ward.  Sister Hayden.  I believe her first name is Kimber, but she recognized me because she said I look similar to you.  :)
So this week I will be able to finish the Book of Mormon.  I have loved reading it with a focus on Missionary Service and it is throughout the entire book. I know that the Book of Mormon is true with all of my heart.  My entire testimony is based on the truthfulness of that book and I am so blessed in my life everyday by it.  I love it so much and it truly has changed my life so much.  I hope that I can possibly finish all of the standard works while on my mission.  Now that would be cool.  If I could get a list of the Seminary Old Testiment reading assignments that would be great so that I do not have to read all of the random stuff in there.  That would be great! haha
I have really loved this week and I absolutely love working as a missionary.  While some days/moments are much harder than others,  the good out way the bad in so many ways.  I love this gospel and this church.  
I love you all so much and loved seeing how each of you are doing and hearing about your week!  You are all so missed by me and know that someone halfway around the world is thinking about and praying for you! Hope you have a good week and stay safe!
Love always,
Sister Bishop

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