Monday, October 14, 2013

Answers to mom's questions Oct. 14, 2013

1) Are you fully recovered?   

 I am totally recovered. I promise! there are seriously no problems that have left over from the sickness!  I am out at work everyday. Eating well.  Sleeping Good.  Staying Healthy.

2) How much weight did you lose?

Not that much.  People here are just very conscious of when people lose weight so they were all telling me, it was not that much really.  But most foreigners do lose weight here in the Philippines.

3) How are you feet holding up - blisters?

 My feet are doing fine.  Have not had any problems with them so far!

4) Have they started to decorate for Christmas?

We have not, the christmas music has been starting to play since around mid sept.  and there are some places that are starting decorating.  Things go up a bit slower with all the time people have before christmas, unlike america where it is pretty much black friday it is up in lights. 

5)  What is the strangest thing that you've experienced? 

 Hmmmm I don't know what the strangest thing is.  ummm sometimes there are naked children running in the street.   I have had whole fish, head and all, a few times.  jeepneys and tricycles are quite the experience.  Being called out to is interesting "Hey Joe".  Oh and having these pretty old Filipino men tell me that I am beautiful as I pass by is not the greatest.....

6) Did you get your last box I sent you?  It was a small one.

So guess what? It came!!!!!!!! I was so happy!! Because I have been in the same zone and have been with some of the missionaries here for all that time, some of them were very jealous and I just said that I have the best mom ever! hahaha it is true.  But I forgot my camera and the cord at the appartment!!! I got into the internet cafe and was so upset! I so badly wanted to send so many pictures to you so you can see what my life is like. But I have written in a bunch of reminders in my planner so I will not forget! and I absolutely love the post-its and lemonade (so filipinos don't like lemonade because they say it is too sour, I just over here in heaven haha) 

Hope that answers those questions for you!
love ya!

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