Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost Christmas!

Monday December 16, 2013. 1:26 am

Hello my most amazing family!

How are all of you doing this week?  Things have been going okay here in the Philippines.  It is crazy that it is almost Christmas! It is very different than what I am used to for Christmas here in the Philippines. Not at all in a bad way at all, just different.  Also, I am currently in the city. So that is... also very different.  

I am currently on the hunt for something that I will be able to bring back to the states.  So that is my mission for the day!! haha.  Pray that I can find something.  

In the news for the mission, I am leaving the MYSA ward.  I am being transferred and will be once again finishing up a sister's training.  Gotta love training.  We found out Thursday and had a Trainer's meeting in Buendia on Friday.  Short notice.  Sister Montera will be getting a new sister straight out of the MTC!  I am very sad to say good bye to this area.  With it being my home for the last 6 months, it will be very weird to leave on Wednesday.

Our ward is having our Christmas Party tomorrow.  They planned it assuming that I was going to be leaving the next day, so that it way nice of all of them.  Ward Christmas Party are way fun.  They go all out here in the Philippines.  Pretty much all of the different auxillaries put on a different "talent" such as singing, dancing (hiphop) and it is way good.  The skits are very much put together with practices for a while before hand.  So I am supper excited to see ours!  It will also be bitter sweet as it will be the last time that I get to see so many people who I have grown to love so much these past few months.  I am predicting a couple tears for some people....  But that is the life of a missionary.

We were able to teach a Law of Chastity lesson to a couple who is dating and living together.  Do you remember Aren and Chriz?  Michelle's cousin is Aren and then Aren's younger brother, Dexter (we have also been teach him in the lessons) also lives with them in this small bedspacer.  But I was super nervous as it was the first time that I would be teaching it when there is something that is known to be a problem with it.  But It was actually a great lesson.  Chriz decided that he will start looking for another bedspacer.  It is hard because he is still looking for a job.  Both of them are... They understood that living the Law of Chastity will be needed before their baptism. 

We are having my last Fhe with our bishop's family and Cherrie Mae tonight! She is from the same province.  So that will be supper fun!! I am excited :)

Of course, We had a baptism this week!! Maverick Beltran! It went really well.  He had some of his friends who are members form other wards come and baptize him, speak, sing, etc.  It was really great.  The spirtit was so strong there as he made the covenant with God.  He bore his testimony by ending that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet!

Send me pictures of your Christmas!! I can't wait to be able to call home on Christmas day! Let me know how are all of you are keeping the Spirit of Christmas.  Our mission is trying to make it a "white Christmas" with baptisms!

I love all of you!!!!
You are all so amazing! my reading today brought me to D&C 84:88.  Trust in this promise of the Lord in our lives! I promise the truthfulness of this work!

Love Always,

Sister Bishop

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