Monday, December 23, 2013


Monday Dec 23, 2013 1:48 am

Can you believe that it is almost Christmas!! 

It is fun here.  It is definitely a very different Christmas than I have ever been used to.  Good and bad.  It is not cold!!!! I associate the Christmas with cold so I guess this is just a fun change on things.  

So I am transfered!!! and I am doing another follow up training! I am now in the Bonifacio 6th ward. It is a smaller ward because we just got split not too long ago but that is fun.  It is so different from Manila here!! that was the big city and this is more of still city (aka not province) but here there are just houses, so that is cool.  And we teach people who are not students... weird.... hahaha!! It is really cool here. a very small small area.

Sister Ramos is my new companion.  She is 26 and she is a convert of 7 years.  She is super sweet and very polite!! she is a Filipina.  You will get to meet her on Christmas.

So I did get the small package at the Missionary Christmas Party at Buendia on Thursday!!  I loved all the pictures.  And boy did you send a bunch.  My roommates loved looking at the pictures of the kids! Those were definitly my favorite part of all of it. With that the big package still has not come in.  I guess it will just be an extended christmas! 

So, I do have some really not great news.  I lost my pictures from the last 2 transfers.  I am so grateful the pictures of Maverick's baptisms went through before the pictures on my card got magically deleted.  It was full of heartbreak and I have spent a little bit crying about it but I am having sister montera and a ward member hopefully send you a bunch of the pictures from that time as possible.  if you want the member's name is may and her email is …. i think.  I am going to be more careful, and now be taking a bunch more pictures!!!! I have some printed off.  and I have all of the pictures from my baptisms sent to you.  I will see if there is any one else that I can get to send more pictures from that time to me too!! all is not lost. 

An elder told me about something called i don't know any thing about it but he said he uses it to prevent this type of thing.  

I GET TO CALL YOU GUYSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and excited.  I get to really try to bring you into the mission!!  I am so excited!! and tomorrow is my 7th month here in the Philippines.  It is a cool remembrance of the day.

Most of all I am so grateful for this time in my life to remember the Savior and his life and the blessings of the gospel as I share them with others.  That is truly the best blessing we can give to others and to Christ.  I am so happy for this opportunity to serve.  And soon having another Bishop serve aswell!!! 

I love you all!!

Maligayang Pasko!!

Sister Bishop

P.S. I will tell you about the christmas traditions here and some connections that I have with the area on Christmas!!

P.S.S. I am off to find the Christmas item I can bring back!!

P.S.S.S. I love you!!!!!!

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