Sunday, December 1, 2013

Questions and answers

Monday Dec. 2, 2013. 12:15 am.

 I got the message last week, there just was not able to get a response out. Sorry!
well here it goes.

  Q. What is the best part of being a missionary?      A.   I would have to have to say the conversion.  Not only the conversion that we help to work in other people's lives, but our own life as well.  The conversion is not easy.  It is not always the easiest road to go down.  But it is so worth it as we feel the Savior's love and the power of the Atonement being worked in all of our lives.   
2). Q.  Have you gotten a package recently?    A.    I got Elizabeth's package at temple tour!!!! I got pictures and letters from girls in utah.  my favorite was of course liz's.  And I loved the pictures.
3)  Q.  Have they started to get ready for Christmas there?  What are some of the ways they decorate or prepare for Christmas?      A.   some people do.  it is harder because it is the city.  but people here do more of the full color wheel for Christmas.  like all the colors (not just red and green).  they do a lot of these large paper stars that they hang up.  Also,  some people like lights.  
4).    Q.  What do you eat for dinner?     A.   Some times it is not so much.  I might not be that hungry or whatever.  Sometimes it is fruit.  I do the Filipino version of ramen.  (it has the powder and a little oil and soy sauce. pretty good). And if we are more hungry and have time (aka only sundays) We will make Filipino spaghetti which is much sweeter than normal.
5).  Q. How close do you live to the church building?   A.   It is probably a 15-20 minute walk or a 10 minute jeep ride.
6).  Q. How do you get around the city - mostly by bus, walking, jeepneys?    A.    we do mainly jeep and walking in our area.  If we need to get to buendia we take a sort of train. or the temple, a metro type train.
7)   Q.   What small miracles or blessings have you experienced this week?    A.   we were able to have a lesson from our stake president about hastening the work with members and missionaries.  After,  one of the elders and I bore our testimonies about missionaries and missionary work.  It was a great experience.  One of the brethren in the ward gave us names of 2 less actives that are not in our ward that we are going to visit hopefully this week.  And Admix, one of our recent converts, bore her testimony in church today.  It was great to hear her bear witness that this is true.  
8)   Q.  Funniest thing that happened this week?     A.   I have been called a lot of things by people passing on the street.  I get "hey joe" "joe" "jane" "americana" "mormon" "maganda" "puti" (white...) "snow white". and some others that aren't as great
9). Q.  Do you know that we pray for you in every prayer?       A.  yes. and that brings me some of the greatest comfort.  thank you.  

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