Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just another week!

Monday Dec. 9, 2013  10:42 pm

Hi guys!

Can it seriously be the second week of December already?!  I can hardly believe it.... There is not words to describe how fast everything is going.... but anywho... This has been a pretty good week.  It was a little bit slow.  But there were some really awesome moments along the way too.  

A few members canceled to work with us this week, but in there was a small little miracle.  We had one of our ward missionaries, Clarissa, planning on working with us on Saturday.  But that afternoon, she texted us saying she could not make it that day.  That had happened a lot this week.  But we were kind of in a loss of what to do.  We had just had the baptismal interview for Maviric, and we were at the church.  We texted a few girls from another ward to see if they could work.  Nope.  But then out of the blue one of our other ward missionaries, AJ, came to the church.  She was planning on working with the elders and a priesthood.  But she was able to go with us so that we had a member present.  The Lord really does answer our prayer when they are in line with his will.  And that is what prayers are all about.  The Bible Dictionary talks about how prayer puts in line the will of the child with the will of the Father.  

Also,  We had great lesson with some of our Progressing Investigators.  These are the family and friends of Michelle.  Aren and Dexter are siblings and Michelle's cousins.  Then Chriz is Aren's boyfriend for years.  They all live in this small bedspacer (a supper small "room" (they just add 3 pieces of plywood to make a makeshift room) in an apartment).  But they are really beginning to progress.  We committed Aren and Dexter to be baptized on Jan 18 together in a lesson, and this week we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and committed Chriz to that day too!! They are really feeling the Spirit and they told us that they really believe the Book of Mormon is true.  

Those were some of our really great lessons this week, and we were also able to contact a referral of a sister in our ward.  We are hoping to begin to progress her more.  We have plans to meet with her a few times this next week. 

We had been asked to read Elder Ballard's Talk from this past General Conference, "Put Your Trust In The Lord".  Wow this talk is so amazing and it really shows the importance of working hand in hand with the members to allow the work of the Lord to move at his rate, which is hastened!  All members have been called and covenanted at baptism to be missionaries and to share the gospel.  It does not have to be big, but it can and needs to be something!  Whatever we can do to help further the work is enough.  We can all become "saviors on Mount Zion" for others as we lead them to the beauties of this gospel.  

This is such an amazing work to be a part of.  I know that it is hard.  This is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life.  But it is really worth it as I share the gospel with others and help them to understand the love that their Father in Heaven has for them.  

We are about to head up to the temple right after this.  So I am supper excited for that.  We also have our mission Christmas parties next week.  There is one for the MIR on friday and our ward on tuesday.  It puts me more in the spirit of Christmas as I am able to reflect upon the gift of the Savior for us during this time of the year.  

We found out yesterday that the Manila Zone will be splitting to Manila East and Manila West.  isn't that crazy!!  I have not gotten official word from President Stucki that I am transferring but I am pretty sure as Sister Montera will most likely be training.  So we will mostly find out today what will be happening!!

Well all is going well here in the area.  
Miss you all tons!!! You are in my prayers and thoughts. Mahal Ko Kayo!! 

Love Always, 
Sister Bishop

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