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Dec. 30, 2013. 12:42 am

Hey family!!

What is up with y'all this week?  It is now the last few days of 2013.... weird.  I am so happy that I was able to call home this past week. I think that mom and dad record the call so I hope that all of you could hear it.  Yeah I was not able to get the video recording on my end so there was no video of me.... that stunk.  but oh well.  Maybe in may...  but I only have one more call home before I am home...  

But this has been an okay week.  Christmas time here in the city is hard for the missionaries as most people return to their provinces for the holidays.... but that is okay.  Our numbers were kinda low this week, and I was very aware of that fact. Then last night our district leader started questioning us about why our numbers were low and that sort of frustrated me by how it had been handled as we are really trying to work hard.  We are working to progress more people and work on them actually progressing people towards baptism.  It is just hard sometimes.

We are working with a family the Ramos family, who their cousin is actually friends with Maverick my last baptism.  So that is a way cool connection.  We are trying to progress them more towards baptism as they have been a long time investigator, and there are just a few struggles with the mom's work and some other stuff that we are working out right now.  But it looks hopeful.  

Christmas was fun.  We met with a few families in our ward and ate a bunch of food.  I have now talked to a few of the sisters in my ward about getting me a bunch of their recipes! Haha

But guess who got a massive package this week!!!  I had to go to buendia this week so that I could get it and take a taxi back to our area... yeah it was awesome!! I got a bunch of food.  Soooooo delicious!!!!!  and I love all of the other stuff too! the clothes are so cute!! I have already word a few of them already!!

And I went with a family from our ward who was returned and we got to see them sealed!! when I was there I saw Jane (my RC) going to do baptisms and also one of my best friends from the MTC in the Quezon City mission!!
It was such an amazing day to go to the temple and witness!!

Work is good!! I am now out in the mission 7 months! crazy!!!

I love all of you!!!  I am trying something that I make sort of video logs every night or so.  So lets see how that goes!

I miss y'all!

Sister Bishop

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