Monday, January 20, 2014


Monday Jan 20, 2014. 12:05 am

This is the miracle that I sent to the mission for an activity that we have to send in a Miracle that we have witnessed on our mission.  Hope you like and enjoy!  share it with others if you want!

Through our missions we are able to see miracles great and small, long and short, but most importantly, all from God.  A powerful miracle that I have witnessed was pefinityly a process.  It came when I had been in my first area for a few months when I was with Sis. Montera. I had been thinking about the miracle that we needed to have good referrals while being in the YSA ward.  There was one week where I had been praying really hard so that we could receive prepared names.  We had a miracle by receiving a text from the office.  His name is Charlie.  He was in a part of the stake that was further than we normally went.  We tried contacting the next day but as we went to the area, we could not find the address.  Once again I knew we needed a miracle.  With some help of the missionaries who made the first contact, we were finally able to meet Charlie.  All of his siblings are members and he has been reading the Book of Mormon for a long time.  His best friend and roommate, Jade, is also a member and recent convert of just a few years.  He said he had not been baptized with the last missionaries, but really wants to be baptized! Miracle!  I knew that something was missing from his story, but we continued.  He already had such a great testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.  He was truly a "golden investigator".  He know all the doctrine that we taught, and was already living it.  As we were nearing his baptismal interview, I was told by other missionaries who had met him before the reasons to why he had not been baptized.  In his past there were some serious transgressions that required a deeper repentance process.  I thought to myself: "Heavenly Father, We need a miracle. Charlie needs a miracle."  We went into the lesson where we were reviewing the baptismal interview questions.  I was praying so hard for this miracle.  Charlie completely opened up about his past, crying, saying that this had caused him so much pain.  We talked about repentance.  I had no idea if his baptism would go through.  I called our district leader.  Then, in a miraculous turn of events, Charlie was able to have an interview with Pres. Stucki just one day after our original day because of the amount of time that had past and his repentance.  He had his interview and the entire time I was praying for Charlie to have this interview.  Charlie finished his interview and passed.  Jade, who was there, was so happy for his friend.  I thanked Heavenly Father for this miracle.  Charlie was baptized that Saturday, on the original date we set with him to be baptized.  I saw the miracle of repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ in the life of Charlie

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