Sunday, January 12, 2014


Monday Jan 6, 2014  12:32 am

Can it seriously be 2014?!!! I am very weirded out by that concept right now!  Life is going really well here in the ward that I am in!!  Some cool things that have happened this week.

1)New Years.  we kinda had a party in my apparent watching the fireworks here and everything :)  They put off so many fireworks here in the Philippines.  It's fun.  I learned some Filipino New Years traditions.  Most definitely taking some of them back with me!  

2)I saw my mtc teacher on Sunday.  Bro. Surio is in my roommates ward, Boni 4th. There was also a few of the missionaries who had served here who came back to visit.  

3) I found my new favorite roll/bun/bread-thing called everlasting.  I am trying to find out if there is some other filipino name for it but oh well. It has coconut and is delicious.  

It has been a fun week.  Some points were definitely harder.  But I am truly loving the mission and everything.  That is getting more and more needed here as I found out that Sis. Ramos had a harder first transfer, with her nanay and adjusting, and 3 weeks in asked to go home.  I am trying to be very positive all the time so that she can see how exciting and fun and important this work is.  That in itself is difficult.  Anyhow, the work is going well.  School starts back up today, so work will hopefully get up again.  

I am really happy. I have been studying the scriptures,  and going at a faster pace this time and will finish with in this month or the beginning of Feb.  It is way cool to see how much the Savior is in the Book of Mormon!  He is everywhere.  I have gained this deep testimony that this is His testament and His work.  We are never alone in life.  John 14:16 I am in love with that scripture.  I have set some goals for this next year and we have President's Interviews this next Friday.  We get to go over our goals with him. 

It has also been cool going through 2013 and thinking about all the memories that I have had and all the changes.  How different we can be, but still the exact same.  I believe that this mission is helping me become the person that I can and need to be!  The Atonement is real in our lives. I have seen people who have been waiting for the remission that can come through the Atonement in their lives and how happy they are afterwards.  We can become "born of God" everyday as we choose Him and His Atonement.  I know of the power in the gospel!!!

I love this work and miss you guys!! You are the best support team ever!! 

Sister Bishop

P.S.  We are going to the temple on the 14th so I will be emailing then (Tuesday).  Talk to you then!!

P.S.S. Send pictures of Christmas and everything that happened!!

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