Monday, January 13, 2014


Tuesday Jan. 14, 2014.  (Monday 11:07 pm in VA)


So this week has been one of the craziest whirlwinds ever.  There was not to much happening with the whole investigators, something really amazing happened where I can now speak in perfect tagalog with out trying or anything, but there were just some things that I would have never expected to happen ever.  

Some of the cool things that happened.  

Our zone (bonifacio) and Makati East zone did the Mtc exchanges with the language training missionaries.  I was paired with Sister Davis.  She is supper sweet and is going to the Philippines, Angeles Mission.  She is a few years older than me and if I remember correctly is from utah.  She was so great.  It was such a blessing to actually see the progress that I have made and how bad I really was before with tagalog!  I promise I was not that good before.  I am still not as great, but still improving.  

We have had some difficulties within the companionship that have been discussed thoroughly during companion study.  We are working to improve.  But I am realizing the level of misunderstanding that I had about the situation before.  It was nothing that from what I can see now, was not out of the ordinary.  But now for me is becoming very difficult.  (I will take back the semester break in MYSA please!)

I am getting along more with some of my roommates and people in our zone.  I still miss the mysa like crazy, as it was just a ward full of friends.  but the ward here is really nice too.  

Presidents Interviews could not have come sooner and they were so needed in my opinion.  I do not know if they could have waited very much longer!  Mission Presidents are the best and so helpful and know exactly what they need to say and do.  I know that they are such a benefit to our work.  

We discussed some of our miracles that we have seen in our mission.  I chose the miracle of Charlie's baptism and the things that lead up to that.  I will probably send that in a separate email next week.  

I love hearing from all of you and knowing that everything is going well there.  Keep the updates coming.  

I am really grateful that May was able to email the pictures to mom with some of the fun activities that I had in the Mysa area.  But if the pictures of Maverik's baptism could be sent to me so that I can print them off to send to him that would be great!!

I love all of you so much and now I get to go off to the temple!!!!

With love,
Sister Bishop  

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