Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Answer to Question -

Feb 2, 2014

Answer to Questions:

1)  Q - What do you do on your Pday?
     A - Studies, email, eat, market market (sis stucki lets us go! way cool!), unimec (grocery store), nap/study/clean/laundry, work!
2)  Q - What was the best thing that happened this week?
     A - one of them was that Sister Kelsey and Sister Wells became companions!  We get to jog some mornings at the chapel together! I love having friends that I can talk to.
3)   Q- What was the spiritual highlight of the week?
     A - Finishing the Book of Mormon
4)   Q - What funnest/funniest thing that happened this week?
      A - one afternoon 4 tricycle drivers in a row all called out "hello sister" one after another.  I couldn't help but laugh. 
5)   Q - What did you do for service this week?
     A - wala, I have only had one in my entire mission that was the relief efforts for all the missionaries after the typhoon hit that was organized by the mission.  It is really hard to find service activities here. 
6)   Q - How is your personal study going?  What stuck out to you this week?
     A - Pondering Moroni 10:4 I never really looked into just how important pondering is in gaining a testimony.  I wrote a great study journal entry about it on Tuesday.  But I learned about why that is important. 
7)   Q - What is the strangest thing you saw this week?
      A - I saw these two dead cat LEGS just lying on the street.  Sort of in the position that Gus always goes to.  they were just spread out on the ground.  I have no earthy idea how they got detached from the rest.  But what ever.  It was really quite gross. 
8)  Q - Are you eating healthy?  Taking your vitamins/Calcium/biotin?
     A - yes I take all my meds every day.  1 muti, 2 calcium, 1 iron, 2 biotin.  Everyday.
9)   Q - Looks like its been "cooler" there - still warn to you or does it feel "cold"?
      A - it's got cool for a bit.  I mean, I still sweat durning the day.  and it is still hot, but the night cools down a bit after around 6 or 7 which is really nice.  
10)   Q - What is something new you've learned since being in their new area?
     A - i need more patience, it is important to seek help from leaders, I love the Book of Mormon! and for me I really need to be surrounded by people who I love and like to be happy.  Good friends make all the difference! 

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