Tuesday, February 4, 2014

letter to dad

Hi daddy!! 

I am doing okay.  I am still in the Boni 6 ward with Sister Ramos.  It is doing okay.  I felt a little helpless last week and confused.  I was thinking almost hoping to get transfered, but the Lord has something else in plan for me.  I don't know what will alll be happening in the future but that is okay.  Our investigators are okay.  Our struggle is to find investigators that will actually want to progress or that don't have a huge problem to get over.  We have a few people, some of them are younger youth age,  that my look more promising.  We are in an area that is more suburban that our last area.  If you look on a map for i think Blk 173 Bougainvillia St. Cardena de Amor St (near that corner) and find a red rectantular looking roof that is flat (maybe 4 or 5 houses up) and that would be our area.   you can search Bonifacio 6th ward Makati East Stake.  and thats me!

We get up
We pray
We exercise
We eat/shower/get ready
We have personal study
We have companion study
We have language study
We eat
We work! 12-9 everyday
We sometimes have dinner appointments
We plan
We get ready for bed

The members are great.  I am feeling okay.  The hair stuff is really working.  I am so grateful for them.  and I will probably need the last 6 months of Biotin in around May.  But great stuff Biotin.  Thanks daddy-o!

Good Luck in work!!  Miss you tons!!!  


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