Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday Feb 11 - 10:37 am in Manila ,  Monday Feb 10 11:37 pm in Virginia

 Happy Birthday to me, Happy..... just kidding!!

I can't believe of all the things that have happened in this past year.  This time last year.  My family was coming out to visit me and take me through the temple for the first time.  I had my first birthday away from home, but still with family.  I was only preparing to serve a mission.  So much has changed since then!!

We are about to go to the temple today so I feel very lucky that it is on the same week when I went a year ago!  Things coming in full circle!  So excited to go!!!!

So things are going well here.  I fell like I am more adjusted to everything right now.  We are getting more less active lessons in, hopefully we will be having a few less actives returned this month! The Rescue!

The work here is cool.  The part member that we have been teaching has come to church again! Brother is really kind and is just wanting to do what is right.  We are determined to help him as he has never really met with the missionaries before, even though his family is all members (wife and 3 children)  People ask us what changed, and all I can say is I have no earthly Idea.....

I am restarting the scriptures and going more indepth this time.  I have done some faster reading this past time and so I want to really study it to be able to understand what the Savior is really meaning.  I am so blessed by the scriptures!!!!  they are absolutely amazing. I have been blessed so much by parents, family, and teachers who all helped me to love, know, and treasure the Word of God.  

You are all in my prayers.  You have no idea how blessed I feel when I read all of your emails! You are the best support team I could ask for!  It is really the small and simple things (Alma 27:6-7) that make the difference at the end of the day.  I have a firm conviction of that basic truth.  

Love all of you tons!! and miss you guys!! Thanks for your birthday emails!

Sister Bishop

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