Monday, April 28, 2014

Still Melting

April 28, 2014. 12:37 EDT.      STILL MELTING 

Hey everyone. 

We are officially initiated into he-double hockey sticks.  It is supper hot right now here in the Philippines.  I am so extremely grateful that I will only be here for one summer... Thank goodness.

I am excited for this saturday as we will be having Bro Jamie Ramos' baptism and a halo-halo ward party after.  Good day.

Life is going. It's hard but going.  We are struggling to find new investigators.  or numbers were really really bad for the week with N.I. and Referrals.  

We are keeping our head up.  We know that they will come with time. 

If anyone has any good ideas for getting new investigators that we might not have tried already that would be cool.  

I am happy with everything that is happening.  The ramos family is coming along.  If everyone can pray for Sister Ramos in Hong Kong that would be great.  We really want her to be supportive and want to be baptized as well.  

We are excited as it is summer so we have a bunch of the young women working with us this week.  It will be great as long as no one dies of the heat...

I love all of your emails.  Everything sounds like y'all are doing great on that side of the world.  Rachel and Shaun: I am so excited to meet James!

Keep being awesome.  I love all of your scripture insights and hearing that you are studying PMG!  Way to follow the prophets!! :)

Thanks for all your support.  You are all in my prayers and thoughts.

Love Sister Bishop

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