Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pictures from Elder and Sister Crafts


We are serving in Manila as senior missionaries and we have a few pictures of Sister Bishop.  She told us that she lost her pictures.  Here's what we have.  We have enjoyed getting to know her.  She is a wonderful missionary and a sweet young lady.

 The volleyball pictures are in the courtyard at the Institute building where she was serving around Christmas time,  and the kids at the party were in her ward. 

 Manila is an absolutely fascinating place.  There are between 17 and 20 million people in Metro Manila and there is extreme poverty on the street and high-rise buildings and great prosperity at the same time.  (There are only some 8.5 million people in New York City).  Traffic here is indescribable.  There is no way that anyone who has not seen it or experienced it can believe it. The missionaries don't have to contend with traffic much so they are pretty safe.  There are no sweeter people on earth than the Filipinos .  The Church has only been here since 1961 and the growth is amazing so much of the leadership is 1st and 2nd generation.  For example, we have 2 High Councilors in Manila Stake who just got back from their missions in the last year or so.

We have been through the pictures and those are all we have of Sister Bishop.  She is a good missionary.

Elder and Sister Crafts

These were taken around Christmas before she was transferred from our area.

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