Monday, March 31, 2014's almost April?!

Monday March 31, 2014.  12:19 am

 Does someone want to tell me where all the time went....

It is almost april.  I don't know what happened to all my time?  sad.. 

Sister Bechachino is supper nice.  She is 21.  She is actually from Tacloban. She is supper strong, even though she still does not have really any specifics about her family still. She is really great.  One batch benneth me. 

The work is really good.  We are getting some new investigators.  We will see where everything takes us.  One of them is the father of the Ramos girls.  He actually lives in Jeda?.. In the middle east.  We don't know if there are any churches over there or what would happen after baptism and he goes back.  It is hard for the girls.  They had not seen him in over 27 months.  

But life is awesome becuase this week is Edison's Baptism! Long time coming I know but it is so worth it. He had his interview on Saturday and he is totally ready for baptism!!!

I am so happy for him!! 

He is so awesome. He is ready and has a really strong testimony that this church is true.  .

I am having a really great time. I love my mission.

I read in 1 Kings 3, where Solomon prays for a wise and understanding heart.  It is a great section that I applied to myself, as I too am young and in a great need for the Gift of Discernment.  

Life is good.

I am so amazed by how much the Lord knows each and everyone of us everyday.  He is very mindful of what we are going through.  I learned more about that as we went to the temple. It was once again an amazing experience to feel the spirit.  I saw two of the MYSA girls there: May and Heidi. 

This weekend we get to watch the Women's broadcast.  We watch all of the broadcasts a week late but that is okay.  The spirit is so strong.  I am so excited to see what all they speak about!

Like always I love all you guys tons. Missionary work is awesome!!

Love you and talk to all of you next week!!

Ingat po!

Sister Bishop

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