Monday, April 14, 2014

What an amazing conference!

Monday April 14, 2014.  12:48 am VA time.   What an amazing conference!  

So first I really really liked Uchtdorf's talk, and Scott's.  They were absolutely fantastic.  I never realized before my mission how inspiring the talks are for the members of the church! 

I am so impressed by how I am always able to have my direct questions answered through general conference.

So for this week.  We found this amazing new investigators!

Fe was sitting on the street watching the 4 year old son of her nephew.  She had seen us many times before as we have an investigator on her street as well.  It was not until recently that she began to say silent prayers to God asking Him if what we had was the truth.  She is 58 and is wondering how she can be saved.  She feels as though there is something missing in the Catholic faith and has been searching for the truth for years.  She described how she has gone to church but feels like there is no lasting effect on her.  As me and Sister Bechachino were walking down the street.  I felt my entire body being pulled towards her.  I began talking to her and almost as soon as I brought up the gospel, her eyes went wide and began saying pasok, pasok. meaning come in, come in.  Her 2 nieces (one who lives with her) immediately joined the lesson.  We taught here this amazing lesson 1. We felt the spirit so much.  We have now had 2 lessons and she and her niece, Rizet, have baptismal dates for May 24.  Rizet attended the first session of G.C.  When I talk with Rizet, it is like we have been friends for a long time.  She is 19 and amazing!  Being led by the Spirit!!

When we qualify for the spirit, we will see miracles!!

Once again the Ramos girls are amazing.  Their baptism is this week.  Their father will be baptized on May 3rd.  We are also begining to teach their 2 older sisters.  We have fhe with them later tonight.  

I love this work!!!

Thank you for all your prayers!!

Is there any other better work that we can be doing?

OH and tell me about all your studies of PMG ;)  Elder Ballard

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